7 ways to enjoy the Super Bowl without watching it on TV

7 ways to enjoy the Super Bowl without watching it on TV

Summary: Super Bowl week can be excruciatingly painful for avid football fans. But here's some play calling that can fill the void to a certain extent.

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  • The game

    The biggest and most-watched football game of the year, along with some of the biggest parties, is set for Sunday's Super Bowl XLVIII. But what if you're a fan and don't really care about the Broncos or Seahawks? What do you do? Here are some ways to enjoy the atmosphere without attaching yourself to the TV.

    Even if you're a casual fan, you probably want to know who's going to win. Surprise, we already do. One of the most successful annual Super Bowl prediction comes from EA Sports' Madden Football. This year's game was played on an Xbox One in a snowy MetLife Stadium and, according to Madden, the Seahawks will tie the game in the fourth quarter but the Broncos will win 31-28 in overtime.

    Madden's outstanding Super Bowl record is 8-2, so during the actual game you can either replay with a friend on your Xbox One, kill zombies or try to win World War II

    Image: Denver's Matt Prater lines up for the winning field goal.

    Credit: EA Sports

  • Bet on the winner

    For the Big Game, big data helps PredictionMachine.com's use its "unbiased" Predictalator to run 50,000 game simulations to choose the most likely outcome.

    PredictionMachine.com, a sports site that provides point spread information for gamblers, points to its 8-1-1 record for this year's NFL Playoff games as an example of its success.

    Its early choice to win before the Conference Championships was the Seahawks, but Denver's strong performance in the AFC title game resulted in that team being installed as a -2.5 point favorite for the Super Bowl.

    Since Predictalor agrees with Madden, you might consider betting on the Broncos. Don't blame us if you're wrong.

    Screenshot: Predictionmachine.com

Topic: Big Data

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  • more ways

    go out to a movie
    go out to a concert
    go out to a theatre show
    go out to dinner
    read a book
    • My way

      I typically go skiing, lift lines are short to non existent.
  • How to enjoy the Super Bowl without TV

    Watch the ads...

    without watching them on TV.
  • Too close to call

    Madden has the game going into overtime. That means it's anybody's game.
  • Madden sure blew this one

    Madden's record just took a ride in the dumpster with that prediction. I wish I had found other things to do besides watch the game this year.