8 Microsoft patches coming, including Internet Explorer zero-day

8 Microsoft patches coming, including Internet Explorer zero-day

Summary: On October 8, Microsoft will issue 8 security updates to Windows, Internet Explorer, .NET, Office, SharePoint and Silverlight. This month marks 10 years of Patch Tuesdays.

TOPICS: Security, Microsoft

Microsoft has announced that next Tuesday they will release eight security updates. Windows, Internet Explorer, .NET, Office, SharePoint and Silverlight will all receive updates.

One of the updates, designated Bulletin 1 and destined to be MS13-080, will be a cumulative update to Internet Explorer. This update will address a recently-disclosed unpatched vulnerability in the browser, which is being exploited in the wild.

Four of the updates fix critical vulnerabilities in Windows. .NET and Internet Explorer. Four updates rated Important affect Office, the Office web services, SharePoint and Silverlight.

October marks 10 years since the first Patch Tuesday.

Adobe will also be releasing updates on Tuesday for Reader XI and Acrobat XI for Windows. Both are rated 2, which means it's a critical vulnerability but not known to be in use.

Topics: Security, Microsoft

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  • That's all? 8 patches? Wow.

    too bad all OSes could not have such few patches. I know of a few other notable OSes that have that many x 2 daily.
    • At least it isn't Java.

      At least this looks sane compared to Java. Java has a patch every 5 minutes.
      Gabriel Graves
    • which would those "notable" OSes be?

      Linux? Mac? Please clarify. Also, don't forget that all MS patches are for MS programs only, while Linux updates cover the OS and nearly ALL INSTALLED PROGRAMS, a one-stop update regimen that MS can only dream of providing. Win7 might be a decent OS if they channeled all updates through an MS repository and, my pet peeve, is that the offered multiple desktops as with ubuntu/mint/kde etc. very useful on laptops.
      • I can only hope

        eventually, Microsoft is able to do patching and app updating via a combined app store. Of course, this would only work for Windows Store apps.
        Michael Alan Goff
        • Re: I can only hope

          We all hope... and someday, Microsoft might indeed do something. But not today.

          Life is short... but people learn that simple fact always too late.
      • I would add

        That Linux updates also regularly include completely new versions of software, not just featureless patches.
        Pity the folks that are all giddy about 8.1 cause it's free. It's sad, really.
    • Fixing the Titanic with Band-Aides...

      Windows is an absolute JOKE!!! Aside from enumerable patches, service packs and other fixes over the years, (the best one being a BSOD at the roll-out of a brand new version of MS crapware.) No, that's not quite enough. Add to that general instability of the OS, the fact that users must run 3rd party anti-virus and anti-malware scanners which rob resources and bog the system down to a crawl... Then they release a touchy-feely one size fits all OS for mobile & desktop systems which EVERYONE except MS dorks hate.

      What an absolute JOKE of an OS...

      It is to Laugh...
      • Hi there, "everybody".

        How does it feel to speak for the self-majority?
      • Windows is unstable?

        I guess I must have a mystic version.

        I haven't had a BSOD on this tablet ever. My sister and her husband had one about ... a few months back, but since they updated the drivers it is golden.

        Posts like this are why I argue that ZDNet isn't tech savvy. The people who dislike Microsoft around here can't get anything done with it somehow despite the fact that a majority of people use it on their laptops.
        Michael Alan Goff
        • I agree with......

          ...... your statement about tech savvy. I rarely read any of the blogs anymore, I'm tired of the bashing and so many bloggers run off on another tangent that has nothing to do with the topic. This used to be a good site where people shared ideas and such but the last few years it has become a b****ing and rant forum by a few who bury any good quotes with their hype.

          I can see eventually zdnet will go the route that Popular Science took, they'll disable the blogging. (I may stand corrected on which site it is).

          Just my dimes worth (No pennies in Canada)
  • 8 Microsoft patches coming, including Internet Explorer zero-day

    Great news, I'll be sure to tell everyone to expect them.
    • Yes, people will want their eyedropper's drop worth

      of new software. Yeah!
    • Yeah, great news because everyone just loves the hell out of installing

      Windows patches that take time, nearly always require a reboot (more wasted time) and in 1 in 4 cases, break the machine. What good news!
  • How many of them will incapacitate my PC ?

    I dread the day ... envisioning all sorts of odd symptoms approaching me when applying this hastily stitched update.

    Shiver ...
  • Patch Patch

    Every Microsoft OS eventually gets patched so much that there are patches for the patches, and the OS becomes one giant bug-filled patch. Seems to me that if they did it right the first time there wouldn't have to be so many patches......
  • @mustafas5.......

    What are you doing? Advertising your own apps on a tech site? And why advertise Apple products on a Windows blog?????

  • I'm holding off on these.

    Don't need another mistake installed from Microsoft tho nothing has happened yet i usually will wait several weeks before installing them.