85th level Orc Rogue wins election

85th level Orc Rogue wins election

Summary: The U.S.' 2012 election's saw the first Buddhist elected to the Senate, the first Hindu elected to Congress, and the first Orc Rogue elected to the Maine state Senate. Wait. What!?

A World of Warcraft gamer has been elected to the Maine state Senate despite being criticized for her gaming.

The U.S.' 2012 election saw many firsts. It saw the first Buddhist elected to the Senate, the first Hindu elected to Congress, and the first Orc Rogue elected to the Maine state Senate. No, that's not a weird typo, Colleen Lachowicz, who plays an 85th level Orc Rogue in World of Warcraft defeated her rival  Republican Sen. Thomas Martin of Benton, to capture a seat in the Maine state Senate.

I doubt very much that Lachowicz is the first serious online gamer to have won an election. World of Warcraft (WoW) alone, while not as popular as it once was, is still the top subscription-based MMORPG (massively multi-player online role-playing games) with about 9.1-million players. Other MMORPGs, such as Guild Wars II also have millions of fans. Surely, there are a few politicians among their numbers. Lachowicz may well have been the first office-seeker though to face a campaign targeting her for being a gamer.

The Maine Republican party launched a Website and sent out mailings attacking her as being unsuited for office because of comments she made under her WoW alias.. That was a mistake. To borrow a line from Marvel superhero, the Hulk, "You wouldn't like me when I'm angry."

Some gamers rallied to her support and started to raise money for two political actions committees (PAC)s that favored her cause. It never amounted to much, $6,341 by the end of the campaign. But, it was enough though to bring her campaign some much needed attention and, of course, complaints from her opposition.

The Maine Republican Party filed a complaint against her with the state Ethics Commission. The Commission, in return, cleared her of any wrong-doings.

At election's end. Lachowicz, Orc Rogue online, and social worker in real life, was elected to the Maine Senate. And, yes, she's still gaming although it now seems that Angry Birds is her favorite game. 

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  • It's about time

    We need some real orcs in government to show those puny humans what's what!

    Most governments play Alliance. :P
  • My only objection is she plays WoW instead of EQ

    But then World of Warcraft appeals more to the democratic players with average computer systems.
    Everquest I or II requires a beefier, more expensive computer to run well as the graphics are more detailed; and of course everyone knows the Republicans are the party of the elite gamers.