9 best iPad keyboards (hands on): March 2013

9 best iPad keyboards (hands on): March 2013

Summary: The question I get asked most frequently is, "what keyboard do you like for the iPad?" This collection is bound to have an iPad keyboard for everyone. I have even covered two keyboards for the iPad mini.

TOPICS: Tablets, Apple, iPad, Mobility

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  • (Image: James Kendrick/ZDNet)

    Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio

    The rubberized keys provide a pleasant and fast typing experience. The row of iPad control keys is present.

    The case senses when the iPad is in the typing position and activates automatically.

  • (Image: James Kendrick/ZDNet)

    Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio

    When the iPad is placed in the forward position, as demonstrated in the photo, the keyboard enters into a media-playing mode. The one row of keys exposed below the iPad become special control keys for playing media.

    This position is perfect for watching video on crowded airplanes.

  • (Image: James Kendrick/ZDNet)

    Thickness comparison

    ZAGG Profolio+ (left) vs. Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio (right)

    0.81 inches vs. 0.70 inches

Topics: Tablets, Apple, iPad, Mobility

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  • Best iPad keyboards (hands on): March 2013

    Nothing like a iPad keyboard ccompared to that crapy one used in Surface RT..................
    Over and Out
    • your view

      And of course you own a Surface and you've been using it for a while. You must considering the fact that you have an informed opinion about it.

      Get a life and stop trolling
      • He's upset that he needs to carry all that extra hardware around

        as opposed to the Surface.

        I'm guessing the guy at Starbucks the other day was him, He pulled out his iPad, took the cover off and was looking for a place to put it out of the way, then pulled a stand from his bag from his bag and put the iPad on that, then pulled out a keyboard, removed it from it's carrying case, put that in front and then had to sync them up, then put the covers and whatnot into his bag, then had to find someplace to put the bag.

        All the while the guy next to him pulled out his Surface, opened the built in stand, and flipped down the cover into a keyboard.

        I guess "Another View" was jealous at that point, so he came here to vent, as he had like 007 other steps and hardware pieces he had to assemble before he could even turn the thing on, and his hot chocolate got cold, which is just as well as he spilled it trying to clear room for his Frankenstein hardware solution.
        William Farrel
        • No stand required

          I pull my iPad out of the bag, open the one piece case/iPad (which turns on the iPad), and I'm working. One piece in the case.
          • Glad to meet you Another View == JamesKendrick

            Ram U
          • Run with it, James

            Obviously, you've never followed the posts of Another View and his numerous "friends" (tongue in cheek) You gotta' run with it, and have some fun at his expense.

            It's what he's craving.
            William Farrel
          • Do none of you have homes?

            What are you all doing in Startbucks all the time?

            It`s full of people showing off their tech ;)
          • no stand required

            I also use a case......but find an Ipad size keyboard utterly unusable! The tiny size makes it impossible to input text at anything approaching a reasonable rate. Not that I use an Ipad for serious text input (for that reason). When I carry a keyboard I carry the Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard which is nearly as large as the keyboard on my 17" laptop, and far more comfortable to use.
            IT'S TIME KEYBOARDS DIED ......... as a computer interface. They are grossly outdated.... nearly 300 years This year marks the 300th anniversary of the keyboard (Henry Mill 1714 typewriter patent). It's no longer a realistic input tool with the rapidly decreasing size of computing devices. let's hear about some new innovative technology!!
        • A few months later

          @William Farrell, a few months later the sales results of the Surf Ace (what a brilliant gem of a creative name from Microsoft) confirm that the perceived practicality of the device was unable to compensate the clumsiness and user unfriendly character of the OS it comes with.
          Will go down the drain along with the sweat smelling CEO.
          Critical Mess
  • Best iPad keyboards (hands on): March 2013

    Nothing like a iPad keyboard ccompared to that crapy one used in Surface RT..................
    Over and Out
    • I imagine you'll be posting like 007 times on this blog?

      Just a hunch...
      William Farrel
  • 7 good keyboards for the iPad (March 2013) including bonus iPad mini model

    Nothing like a iPad keyboard ccompared to that useless one used in Surface RT..................
    Over and Out
    • You do know

      That you can buy the surface without a keyboard and add your own after market one.
      Failed argument!
    • Besides, if you wanted an honest comparison

      You'd compare the factory fitted surface keyboard with the factory fitted iPad keyboard.
      Oh wait! You can't!

      (disclosure) I don't own and am not interested at this stage in buying a Surface.
  • Please Exit Stage Right

    Apple fanboys just never get enough, do they. Three strikes and you are out. (In case this gets edited - Exit Stage Right posted the same thing three times: "Nothing like a (sic) iPad keyboard ccompared (sic) to that useless one used on Surface RT..............)
  • Perhaps

    He may be using one of those dreadful Surface keyboards he was trying to refer to.... So, perhaps he's actually one of those MS junkies who is addicted to sub-par products.

    On a serious note though, all the keyboards shown seem to defeat the purpose of having a tablet since they are relatively integrated with the cases.... And then, you are looking at paying an additional $100 for the keyboard as well.
  • Profanity flag???

    Ok... that's a first. Was flagged for moderator review due to profanity. God only knows what normal reference to keyboards is considered "profane" by ZDNet.
  • Mine works with Droid also.

    Happy surprise"
    The Bluetooth keyboard that I bought for my ipad also works just as well on
    my Samsung Galaxy tab.
    Surprise 2, a Compaq travel mouse also works ( with a USB adapter ).
    This plus a 32G sd card ( Galaxy ) makes for a decent light weight mobile office.
  • So consumers who bought iPads have lots of keyboard options

    A good thing.

    Now bring on all the comments from the regular Microsoft fanboys (and Apple "haters") about how much the iPad "sucks", how it's just a "toy" etc.

    And I will add this: An iPad might not be the best tablet choice for everybody. People are different, with different needs.
  • Yet another iPad Keyboard Submission from Kendrick

    What, is this the 6th iPad Keyboard article of 2013 already? Geeze Louise find another topic already Mr. Kendrick. All with the deceptive photo angle that makes an iPad keyboard appear AS IF it's wider than it is. Always focusing on what you love about them while avoiding the obvious short falls. Ill make you a fair warning deal, You be honest about them so I won't have to take you to task for not doing it.