A gold Mac Pro gold to go along with that gold iPhone

A gold Mac Pro gold to go along with that gold iPhone

Summary: The Mac Pro could well become the computer of choice for the "power desktop" in Hollywood and the jet set. But how does one bespoke a mass-produced item? For these cases, it will be the colors and metallics.

TOPICS: Apple, Hardware

What do you get for the Mac user who has everything, or could buy almost anything and everything? Perhaps a Mac Pro in a different color. This is the proposition of Alchaemy, a Southern Calif. Mac reseller offering systems with anodized-color and metallicized enclosures.

I spoke with owner Joël Toussaint, about Alchaemy. He said customers can send their current Macs into the service for customization or purchase one with whatever configuration is wanted — most choose the latter option. Loaner units are available, he said, for customers with existing systems. The most popular model so far is a MacBook Pro Retina.

The company is ready for orders for custom Mac Pros, Toussaint said. There are 14 colors and three plated metallic finishes, Gold ($1,499), Black Diamond Nickel ($999) and Chrome ($749).

As I mentioned recently, the new Mac Pro is an interesting combination of performance power and industrial design. And that's out of the box. The Mac Pro will be a status-symbol and the C-level desktop of choice across the enterprise.

However, these custom cases may be the just the thing for the desktops of the One Percent who want to make a statement with their possessions.

Topics: Apple, Hardware

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  • Money to waste

    Obviously whoever is doing this, don't know what to do with such a system and try to find every way possible under the sun to throw away money.
  • Mid-level status

    When I was in China, I read in the China Times which said that it's the middle class that's obsessed with status symbols. I was in malls in Shanghai that were 12 levels, crammed with people shopping in status symbol stores. It's the middle class that patronizes them.

    The wealthy in China have stopped buying logo items. Obvious consumption is out for them. They want high-quality, non-marked goods that show quality simply through the quality of the materials, not some phony designer labels made cheaply in Bangladesh, but with a fancy label.

    This kind of nonsense is just like that. It's the poseurs and wanna bed who will do this for status symbols. Some, of course, will do it just because they like it. That's cool. But the poseurs' are wasting their money.

    The Mac Pro, as it is from Apple, is absolutely gorgeous and phenomenal to look at. And it's a beast inside. I'll have two of them before the end of the week. One at work and one at home. And I wouldn't change one thing about them. (Well, maybe add 32 gig memory chips to get 128 gigs total, but that's going to have to wait until a manufacturer starts producing such chips).

    But then, you were talking about status seekers in Hollywood, right? The REAL talent in Hollywood will be using the stock machines in the editing bays, which the poseurs, who wouldn't know what to do with a Mac Mini, will have a gold-plated one that lets them think they are a power user.
  • Gol Mac Pro

    This is the kind of corporate vulgarity one expects for sharks that managed over the past few decades to demolish worker's rights, a good standard of living in the West and whose mantra has been, build it out there and source it anywhere As long as the bottom line profits of what junk I sell or service allows me to own this ironic bauble..."made in the U.S" while those who work for me and my gold Mac Pro, work in the service industry and beg for health care. The iconography of the top 1%...spare me. Do you know there are places in the world where winners and losers are not how we define success? Yes there are.
    Neil Fiertel
  • I wonder

    If they offer a brushed aluminum or nickel finish - either one would look pretty cool IMHO. Not that I plan on buying either.
  • Well, given a chance people will go for the epic fail in "fashion"

    Consider for a moment the total loser mod kits people have been plonking out their cash for in the PC World. Is it at all surprising that a similar class of tosser wants gold (plus probably beer and sparkles) in the Mac world? Now, if there was a mod where the PC/Mac would bite people on command, well... I'd consider tossing a modest amount of my filthy lucre to get my kit modded.
  • Come on….

    The serious one-percenters won't go for gold coloured anodising, they'll want proper 24ct gold plating. Or better still a solid gold casting. It would have magnificent thermal conductivity!
  • just don't understand

    eek! Who would want that? I can understand the phone but not this.