A guided tour of the new Outlook.com

A guided tour of the new Outlook.com

Summary: Eventually, Outlook.com will replace Hotmail. For now, though, Microsoft is releasing its new email service (previously code-named NewMail) as a preview that's open to the public. Here's what's inside.


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  • Instant Messaging

    Click the Chat icon (to the left of the Gear icon in the top right corner) to chat with an available contact. You can use any connected service, using the menu at the bottom of the chat pane.

  • Universal address book

    The People app contains traditional contacts as well as live links to contacts in your social media circles.

  • Connect multiple contact cards

    Outlook normally does a pretty good job of connecting contact information from different sources. You can manually link or unlink cards here.

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  • This is awesome!

    I just went there and the new interface looks great! Very metro if anything, and that is not bad. The only thing I'm worried about is that it clutters your screen if you put the "Reading Pane" on, but thankfully there's an off option for that. It would also be cool if I sign in with my .hotmail.com id but switch it to.outlook.com and it would still work. But overall, this is really good especially for a preview.
    • Nevermind you can change your email address

  • sympatico.ca

    outlook.com goes to my old hotmail//bell sympatico.ca webmail

    website.........i'm blocked from upgrading?
  • Upgraded Hotmail

    I like it! However, I upgraded my storage limit to 25GB a few months ago when it could be done for free (I don't think that's available any more now) and if I changed my address to an outlook.com address, I'd have only 7GB. Which is fine - but... 25GB is better. Keeping my existing account, that works great with this new beta, keeps all my existing "stuff" as it's keyed to my current account.
    Crashin Chris
  • Unfortunately...

    Calendar and SkyDrive still have the old-style polluted appearance.

    Can't wait to see the Metro clean-up in there too!
  • God Damn that's FUGLY

    Looks like one of those Low Rent websites that are knock offs of good design.

    Oh yea, that's Metro, supposed to be cool and hip but fails on every level.

    Microsoft trying to be cool and hip is like the 50 year old Mom with a Nose Ring and Tramp Stamp wearing Hollister clothes So pathetic it's hilarious.
    • allow me to feed the troll...

      You sir, know nothing of design. However, opinions are one of those things that everyone is entitled to. Do realize though, that voicing that opinion may often result in people perceiving you as less knowledgeable than you would like.
      • Actually I do know design.

        I do know design quite well and Metro is not good design.

        But thanks for the concern.
        • No fake chrome

          I'm sorry, Microsoft doesn't include any fake chrome or wood in their designs. The design is simple, clean, but functional.
        • No you don't

          That's been quite evident for a long time. In fact, I'm pretty sure you aren't even an IT guy.

          Perhaps you could tell us how many projects on UI design you participated in or where you find faults in the design documentation for Metro? Could you also show us the research you performed with data from millions of users.

          Or perhaps like all your other posts, it's just uninformed opinion?
          • ITGuy - when IT stands for "I Troll"

            Funny how easily he is shut down though ... just ask him for proof of his self claimed design knowledge and look, he is gone.
        • A former CIO

          I have also the skills to be the CEO of Apple, but the only person that knows that it's me! The same with you, unfortunately, unless you put here your brilliant C.V. as designer, as Tony suggested! C'mon, just give your opinion and do'nt be so pedant!
    • It's easy on the eyes, and intuitive to use

      Unlike gmail
      milo ducillo
      • Unlike Gmail

        Funny, when I logged into outlook.com, my first though was, "oh, this looks just like gmail..."

        Guess beauty really is in the eye of the beholder... ;-)
        • Um.....no, still don't see it.

          h t t p ://i.imgur.com/DJpga.jpg
          milo ducillo
  • A guided tour of the new Outlook.com

    Its a modern and up to date web based email platform. I like the look of it. Won't be hard for people to integrate this with Windows 8, everything keeping the same theme.
    Loverock Davidson-
  • ZDNet slideshows are incredibly annoying

    I scroll down to get to the thumbnails. I click on the next thumbnail. The entire page refreshes, so now the thumbnails are down off the screen again, so I have to scroll down again to pick the next thumbnail. Extremely weak.
    • Wait, it's trying . . .

      to keep the scroll location the same, but the page flashes about 8 times when I hit "next" or click a thumbnail. Still incredibly weak.
    • hardly worth saying

      you get these comments (which I completely agree with) on pretty much every zdnet slide show. They won't change no matter how much it annoys us because it looks like more page hits. Don't forget, we aren't paying, so we are the product delivered to advertisers, we are not the customer
  • Hotmail already had that feature

    The "did you mean to attach" feature is not new, it's been present in Hotmail for years. Perhaps they broadened the criteria.
    Tim Acheson