A look at Cisco's Cius Android tablet PC

A look at Cisco's Cius Android tablet PC

Summary: The company's Android-based tablet PC will integrate with Cisco's enterprise collaboration and communication applications, including full Telepresence interoperability


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  • Cisco has unveiled a tablet PC aimed squarely at the business market.

    The device — called the Cisco Cius — is based on Google's Android OS. It has been designed to integrate with Cisco's enterprise collaboration and communication applications, including its videoconferencing and web conferencing software, and to act as a virtual desktop client, tapping into cloud-based applications and services.

    Cisco has skinned the Android OS with a UI which the company said is designed to enable users to access important contacts quickly.

    Like Apple's iPad tablet, the Cius also has an accelerometer inside, enabling the screen to be orientated in a landscape or portrait format, depending on how the user is holding it.

    Photo credit: Cisco

  • The Cius, which weighs in at 0.52kg, has a seven-inch touchscreen.

    It can also support HD videoconferencing using Cisco's Telepresence software over Ethernet when the tablet is docked, or via Wi-Fi when on the move in the office.

    In addition to full Telepresence interoperability, the Cius supports HD video streaming and real-time video, multi-party conferencing, email, messaging and browsing.

    Cisco collaboration applications compatible with the device include Cisco Quad, Cisco Show and Share, WebEx, Presence and IM. The Cius also supports integration into Cisco Unified Communications Manager, and the Cisco AnyConnect Security VPN Client.

    Photo credit: Cisco

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  • Very nice indeed, would be nice to see what applications are available for it, and what will be available for it.
  • Looks interesting (everything the ipad isn't). Need to know price and battery life.
  • 8 hours according to the silicon site, plus they have some more details about it there.
  • Can't believe this is only available for the business market, Why Oh Why! pop this on the general shelf Cisco and they will be a stampede.