A look at the tech at IDF

A look at the tech at IDF

Summary: Intel and its partners showed off laptops, tablets and other gadgets based on the chipmaker's technology at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco

TOPICS: Processors

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  • Chipmaker Intel and its partners showed off a range of new technology at the Intel Developer Forum, which ran in San Francisco this week.

    IDF keynote presentations normally end with the press invited up to photograph the demo kit, but ZDNet UK has never seen a scrum as insanely dangerous as this. Possessed by one impulse — to photograph the Dell Inspiron Duo flippy-twisty netbook-tablet — the pack surged forwards with such ferocity that they temporarily managed to invade the back of the stage, an area normally guarded by Intel's most massively muscled employees.

    To see some of the tech in action, see our IDF chip tech photos.

    Photo credit: Rupert Goodwins

  • At Intel's showcase, an anonymous Atom tablet was outshone by the Ocosmos OCS-1, a handheld gaming device that is powered by Atom and runs Windows 7.

    The OCS-1 is by no means the first handheld device to run full desktop Windows — IDF has featured a range of these for the last two years and beyond, including the ill-fated MID (mobile internet device) class of gizmos — but to our knowledge, this is the first intended for gamers. It also plays video, of course, and while it does not have 3G connectivity yet, this is planned for the future.

    Photo credit: Rupert Goodwins

Topic: Processors

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