A look at the UK version of Google's Android sat-nav service

A look at the UK version of Google's Android sat-nav service

Summary: UK users on Wednesday gained access to the features of the turn-by-turn Google Maps Navigation service

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  • Google rolled out its Maps Navigation service to some UK Android users on Wednesday.

    The service, which offers free turn-by-turn satellite navigation run by voice commands, has been available in the US for six months. According to Google, it took longer to develop for the UK because of issues such as the British fondness for roundabouts.

    The service is available to users of Android 1.6 or higher versions.

  • This shot shows the standard navigation view of the service, before any additional information is overlaid.

Topic: Mobility

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  • Sure Paul...

    He cannot reach the grapes declares them sour.
  • Knowing the grapes are sour why would one reach?
    There is a far greater responsibility here when you start to think where you might be directing children to?
    My point is to validate and confirm where you might be sending people, especially our children.
    I have no issue with Google more advice, the application is fabulous as most Google products are, the issue is the information is floored.
    When internet companies start to come out from behind the “Digital World” and start playing in the “Real World” surly we should all support putting various guidelines in place, wouldn’t you agree?
    You may be confident enough yourselves to ask a strange man in the street for directions, but would you be happy if it was your child?
    As the new age of consumers meets with the new era in technology, guidelines need to be in place.
    GPSLocals check, confirm, validate and constantly monitor and update.
    Now if that is sour grapes, you are right.
    I can understand FaceBook and children “misusing” the system or not following the rules, hence the troubles, but when you are physically, not just giving direction, but actually guiding someone - shouldn’t you make sure where you are sending them is OK ?