A look at Toshiba's dual-screen Libretto

A look at Toshiba's dual-screen Libretto

Summary: Toshiba has introduced three new mobile PCs, including the Libretto dual-touchscreen 'booklet', the lightweight Portege R700 and the AC100 Android-based netbook

TOPICS: Mobility, Hardware

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  • On Monday, Toshiba unveiled three new mobile PCs, two of which mark firsts for the company.

    The Libretto W100 (shown above) is Toshiba's first dual-screen portable, while the AC100 is the hardware maker's first Android-based smartbook. The third device is the lightweight Portege R700.

  • The Libretto W100, which is designed to act as a personal notebook, has two 7-inch touchscreens that can be used for horizontal or vertical display. The LED-backlit screens, which have a resolution of 1,024 by 600 pixels, can be combined to show a single document across both.

    If angled like a notebook, the lower screen will display Toshiba's Lifespace interface or a variety of keyboards.

Topics: Mobility, Hardware

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