A quick look at Mint 17: in pictures

A quick look at Mint 17: in pictures

Summary: Mint 17 is a good, solid desktop that Linux and Windows XP users alike will feel at home in.


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  • Freshly installed Mint 17

    Mint 17, to start with, is rather plain looking, but it does include a useful guide to the Linux operating system front and center. 

  • Customized Linux Mint 17

    After a few minutes of work, Mint Linux 17 looks a lot better. I've placed the menu bar on the top, installed and placed my favorite applications on the destkop, hooked up network resouces, and now I'm ready to go. Linux Mint makes it easy to get a custom look and feel for your desktop. 

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  • Menu Bar

    The menu bar always belongs on the bottom. Saying otherwise just shows how silly SJVN is. (I said that, as a joke, because you know the trashers will be here soon.)

    I don't remember when I first came across Mint but it has been my favorite for a long time.
    • No, it shows...

      ...how Windows users set in their ways. Menu bar belong wherever user wants it to be - one can argue that mouse pointer is at the top of the screen most of the time anyway (working with apps' menus), so more logical choice will be the top.
      I actually have menu on top and taskbar at the bottom... But only because it's default on CentOS and i'm used to it...
  • Love Mint Cinnamon

    Usually when a new LTS Ubuntu comes out, I wipe Mint off my laptop just to give Ubuntu another try as I know the new release of Mint is right around the corner. As soon as the new official Mint gets released I always go back to it. I must say this latest Ubuntu is improved but doesn't hold a candle to Mint for MY use
    • I still prefer MATE-desktop...

      ...because you can customize it while with Cinnamon you got to accept it as it is. I will also install MATE-versions to computers of other people if and when they ask my help.
  • Taskbar

    The taskbar can be moved around! Cool. But we had that with Windows 95 beta back in 94, didn't we?
    Singularity Point
    • It has been on mint forever too.

      Just mentioning a feature doesn't detract anyting - there are a lot of places that cant easily move a task bar.
      • yeah, like Ubuntu

        and it drives me nuts!
        • Like Ubuntu with the default Unity desktop environment

          The Unity desktop environment is not glued to Ubuntu. Ubuntu allows one to download and install packages for alternative desktop environments, any one of which can be made the default upon login, allowing the user to move the task bar. Me? I use the Xfce desktop environment which provides lots of options for the user, including moving the task bar where one likes.

          P.S. I have other issues with the Unity desktop environment and not being able to move the task bar is the least of them.
          Rabid Howler Monkey
          • Yes, yes

            and I know the drill, "or you can download Cairo dock and blah blah..."

            But I think a desktop environment has to get it right. It is the most important thing to get right, because it is a clue to the user how seriously the developers take the wishes or needs of the user.

            Shuttleworth has put himself on the record as regarding his own views more highly (in his response to bug 668415.)
          • Mac_PC_FenceSitter: "a desktop environment has to get it right"

            Who judges whether or not a desktop environment "gets it right"? Since people have widely different tastes and requirements, I'm not sure there is any desktop operating system that gets the desktop environment right for all.

            Here's the results of the 2013 Linux Journal Readers' Choice awards:

            Best Desktop Distribution
            o 1st is Ubuntu at 23.2%
            o 2nd is Linux Mint at 16%
            o 3rd is Arch Linux at 8.7%
            o 4th is Fedora at 8.6%
            o 5th is Debian at 8.1%

            Best Desktop Environment
            o 1st is KDE at at 17.9%
            o 2nd is GNOME 3 at 14.1%
            o 3rd is Ubuntu/Unity at 12.9%
            o 4th is KDE Plasma at 12.7%
            o 5th is Xfce at 12.1%

            Interestingly, both Linux Mint Cinnamon and MATE desktop environments trail the leaders at 8.6% and 3.6%, respectively.

            Amongst GNU/Linux desktop users, Ubuntu with its Unity desktop environment is not doing particularly bad.


            Diehard OS X and Windows users are better served by sticking with what Apple and Microsoft, respectively, provide for them. The rest of us on GNU/Linux and/or BSD can choose the desktop environment that suits us best.
            Rabid Howler Monkey
          • But there in lies the problem.

            "But I think a desktop environment has to get it right."

            Who gets to choose what "right" is?

            It's next to impossible to get any group users larger than 20 people, of any OS, to agree what's "right".
  • Some changes I find interesting in Mint 17

    - The default interval for checking for updates, is now 30 minutes (still strangely short, but formerly it was 15 minutes);
    - The Ubuntu package for Adobe Flash Player is now being used, instead of a special Mint package. This promises quicker updates for this critical package;
    - protection against some kernel updates when using the terminal or Synaptic for updating (by means of the mint-only package linux-kernel-generic; apparently already present in Mint 16, but I've noticed it only recently);
    - by sticking to point releases of the Ubuntu LTS for future Mint versions, upgrading without a clean re-install becomes easy: simply install the new kernel stack and you're done.

    And of course there's the usual load of cool Mint tools, in new versions: mintstick, mintbackup, nemo, etc.

    Best Linux distro around, at the moment. And there are many good ones....

    Regards, Pjotr.
  • Mint vs Linux-lite

    I would really like to see a linux lite vs Mint.. I have found that I like lite better than Mint! Any comments from the peanut gallery?
    • Unfortunately, comparisons too often lead to fruitless fanboy fights....

      ... so I'll stick to Mint in my reply. :)

      You'll like lightweight Mint 17 Xfce, I'm sure. Will appear about a month after Mint 17 Cinnamon and Mate, which I expect will be released this week or the next.