A tour of Windows 8 Release Preview: In pictures

A tour of Windows 8 Release Preview: In pictures

Summary: Microsoft has ironed out many of Metro's rough edges in the Release Preview of Windows 8, and made it a lot easier to use with a keyboard and mouse.


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  • Windows 8's Store is where you'll find and buy Metro-style applications. It's also how you'll be able to track down desktop applications — with links to third-party sites from inside its catalogue.

  • Microsoft is also integrating Xbox with Windows 8, with a Metro application that looks a lot like the recent Metro update to the Xbox user interface. You can use the app to customise and edit your Xbox avatar, and stay in touch with friends and rivals.

  • The Windows 8 Store now has a set of tools for quickly reinstalling apps you might have uninstalled, or purchased on another PC. You can select the apps you want to download and push them onto your PC.

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