Accenture nabs digital marketing biz Acquity Group for $315 million

Accenture nabs digital marketing biz Acquity Group for $315 million

Summary: Accenture continues to move toward its goal of being a digital marketing services provider with its second acquisition in a week.


While most of the big mergers and acquisitions news in the tech world has been focused elsewhere over the last few days, there have been a few more that have sneaked in under the radar.

One example is Accenture, which announced that it intends to buy Acquity Group, a digital marketing and e-commerce business, for $316 million.

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Acquity Group is touted as the second-largest independent digital marketing company in the United States with a revenue of $141 million for 2012 -- up 32 percent from 2011.

Once the deal is complete, Acquity Group’s employee base of more than 600 are expected to join Accenture.

The latest merger follows up last week's acquisition of Fjord, which was bought primarily for that company's design and marketing capabilities.

Accenture added digital production support services through the purchase of avVenta late last year.

The global consulting firm affirmed that it plans to use Acquity Group's resources to further expand its own digital marketing solution, Accenture Interactive, with chief marketing officers listed as the target customer demographic.

Pointing toward bigger industry trends, Accenture is moving more towards becoming a digital marketing services provider with the intention of serving businesses that recognize the link between IT and marketing departments thanks to data analytics.

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  • Excellent Acquisition!

    Accenture acquired "Acquity Group" a digital marketing firm. It is great time to setup the business over the web 2.0 enterprise or digital marketing industry, in coming days these acquisitions would be blessed to the organizations. This industry is not for today but it is the forthcoming industry.