Acer announces $379 8-inch Iconia W3 Windows 8 tablet

Acer announces $379 8-inch Iconia W3 Windows 8 tablet

Summary: Acer revealed their Iconia W3 tablet at Computex 2013. With the Student and Home version of Office included, the W3 looks to be a good deal for students.

Acer announces $379 8-inch Iconia W3 Windows 8 tablet
(Image: Acer)

I am a huge fan of my Surface Pro with Windows 8, and over the last couple of weeks I have been using it quite a bit as a tablet with the included stylus. There have been rumors of smaller form factor Windows 8 tablets, and Engadget has now posted the news and press release for the upcoming Acer Iconia W3 8-inch tablet.

The 8 inch form factor is new for Windows 8, but what makes this device even more compelling is the low $379 price that includes Office Home & Student 2013. The press release focuses on holding the device in one hand which may appeal to field workers and students on the go. You can pair the 8-inch tablet with a full-size Bluetooth keyboard accessory.

Specifications of the Acer Iconia W3 include:

  • 8.1 inch backlit LED with 1280 x 800 pixel resolution
  • Dual core 1.8 GHz Intel Atom Z2760 mobile-optimized processor
  • 32 or 64 GB internal storage with microSD card slot
  • Up to 8 hours battery life

There is a microUSB port and a micro-HDMI port for connecting to external devices. There are no USB ports so the device really is more of a companion device than a laptop replacement. Given the relatively low price, comparable to iPad and Android tablets, it looks to be a good choice for those who need a full Windows experience on a small device.

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  • As long as you

    realize that is it not for office work, per se, but as a form checkoff--ISO/Safety inspction form, etc, then it could be Productive, no I don't expect anyone to sit down and write the "great American Novel" on it, it is not setup for that. The keyboard could assist that even. It is more like any of that size--a reader, internet device for whatever, however the lack of USB makes it not as fliexible. I suppose if the micro HDMI port could be used as an I/O port then it would prove to be flexible.
  • All it needs...

    All it needs is a docking station with ports for full sized keyboard/mouse/monitor and USB and this device could be a pretty cool all-in-one for some people.
    • no!

      guys, please get the all-in-one mentality out of your heads.
  • I predict the reality of it will be disapointing.

    We saw netbooks fail, so what chance does an 8" have? This sort of device is not seen in the same light as a nexus 7 or ipad mini. Its still seen as a windows 'netbook' class device. I'm talking about mass market here. Sure, it might be useful in certain niche cases.

    The 'up to 8 hrs' claim, running full windows effectively, defies the laws of physics, as any practical use of it will drain in just a couple hours.

    Otherwise, it will have to be so underpowered that it will be too sluggish. Not to mention that there are few touch apps for it, so you will be in legacy mode trying to interact with the tiny buttons all the time. This will make it frustrating to use in any practical sense.
    This is my honest opinion. Don't just fire back claiming I'm a troll.
    • It's different than netbook

      The Atom came a long way you know... The Atom nowadays can run full office with lags and offer 10+ hours of battery life.

      For the price of an iPad you can have the full power of a desktop and the battery life of an iPad. I say it's a pretty good start.
      • we'll see, my friend, we'll see.

        I'm noting this post and will come back to say "told you so".

        BTW, for most people, the LACK of windows legacy is the selling point, as we saw with the iPad.
        • No

          The iPad sells because there were two big groups out there. One, that only had a desktop PC and wanted a second (or third) device for simple stuff and didn't care about another full computer. The second wanted something portable for light tasks without needing a laptop. Clearly in the case of iPad, money was no object, not sure why, they sell a lot via peer pressure (as do iPhones), doesn't mean they're bad, but there is a huge "keep up with the Jones's" factor at play.
          • Er...

            "Clearly in the case of iPad, money was no object..."

            Er, when the iPad first came to market people marveled that Apple was able to produce such a device for just $499 and wondered whether competitors could ever match it. Yeah there are now lots of cheaper alternatives, but it was by no means a "money is no object" device when it first hit the scene.
    • @DrWong

      You're a troll.
  • I think Acer will deliver a device that doesn't do well

    Acer generally makes bollow tier devices and now they are trying to do so at high end prices. Acer was also one of the first to market with the W510 tablet running the same CPU and it was plagued with driver and performance issues. Not to mention the poor design/quality choices made for the device.

    For the average user however, a typical windows8 device running on an intel atom chip is going to do everything an ipad or android tablet can do, but it will also run familiar desktop software and a full featured web browser.

    If OEMs can get the smaller screen sizes at competitive prices I do think it will be better for many users. Having the ability to use desktop software is certainly better than not having it.
    • I agree

      I'm looking for something like this, but they don't seem to be taking that extra step of just making it right.
  • No USB port is a killer

    It looked like a great idea until we got to no USB port.
  • almost perfect

    This is almost perfect. What's missing:

    - It would be nicer if the screen was better and was readable in sunlight

    - It should have 3G so you can use it as a phone

    - But especially, it's missing the USB ports!

    Yes it would cost a little bit more with these things (and be a tiny bit heavier), but students (and other people) would definitely be ready to put a bit more if it can replace your phone and your laptop! Well, guess we'll still have to wait a bit for the perfect device.
  • USB?

    Since adapters are widely available (even to Ethernet), I don't see where having a micro-USB port is considered such a sin.