Acer Aspire Z3-600 all-in-one desktop goes portable with built-in battery

Acer Aspire Z3-600 all-in-one desktop goes portable with built-in battery

Summary: The company joins the tabletop PC crowd with the $779 21.5-inch system.


With desktop sales declining and tablet sales on the upswing, it's no surprise that PC makers are trying to merge the two form factors. Everyone from HP to Lenovo to Sony has tried their hand at the "tabletop PC" that can function as a stand-up desktop and work on a flat surface. Now Acer is joining the fray with its new Aspire Z3-600 all-in-one PC.

On the one hand, the Z3-600 is your typical Windows 8 AIO, with a Pentium J2850 quad-core processor, 4GB of RAM, 750GB hard drive, and 1080p 21.5-inch touchscreen. But fold down its kickstand and unplug it from the wall, and it turns into a mobile computer you can move around your house.

That's thanks to its built-in battery, which Acer claims will provide 2.5 hours of cable-free computing. Between its size and the limited battery life, the Z3-600 isn't truly portable, but the tabletop PC is designed to offer more family-friendly computing experiences, as gathering around it is a little easier than huddling over an iPad or other smaller tablet. And, of course, it makes Windows 8's tile-based start page more useful.

You'll pay a bit of a premium for the Z3-600's flexibility, though it's hardly a budget-buster. At $779, it's competitive with other all-in-ones, though you trade a better CPU for the built-in battery and tabletop feature. Are you interested in purchasing one of these tabletop PCs? Why or why not? Let us know in the Talkback section below.

[Via Engadget]

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  • With a dongle and no onboard processor its a smart TV

    Acer TV replaces Apple TV?
  • Use the leg stand as a handle...

    And I'd be willing to lug that thing around; or maybe a briefcase large enough to hold it. I had heavier and clunkier luggables in the '80s. A laptop would be better for serious mobile IT work, of course, but sometimes you don't have a projector for a mini presentation, and the Acer Aspire Z3-600 would be a better substitute. At 12.7 lbs., I'd wager it weighs less than the 17" laptop I use for such purposes now.

    My only problem is it is an Acer - every since they left the CRT display market, in my experience, their attitude about quality control and support has gone into the ditch.
  • I like the Dell 18

    The Dell 18 is big but small enough to still be portable and usable on your lap on the couch. Its more tablet like in its form factor and has a longer battery. But damn the Dell is expensive and the stand is not even included.
    Rann Xeroxx
  • TableTop Tablets

    Yes, I'm very interested in these tablets, both in Win8 and Android versions. That said, most of these come low-spec or mid-spec (particularly the screens, given their size), and I'm looking for a higher spec. Not crazy/expensive high, but better than what most of these are offering...and for the same money as now...and in some cases for less...looking at you Dell.
    How about a 20" UHD screen with 4GB and an 8 core processor for $1,000 or less? OK, I'm a dreamer. In 3 years, though, it might well happen.