Acer eyes rebound to profit this year

Acer eyes rebound to profit this year

Summary: Taiwanese PC maker's president Jim Wong reportedly expects to get back into the black in 2013 after a year of writedowns and poor demand. He admits the firm had underestimated the potential of tablet computers.

TOPICS: Hardware, Tablets

World number four PC maker Acer reportedly expects a return to profit this year after write downs and poor demand pushed it into the red in 2012.

Acer eyes a rebound to profit this year.

Acer president Jim Wong admitted the company had underestimated the potential of tablet computers, a trend which dragged down laptop sales, according to an article by Austrian magazine Format cited by Reuters.

"In the last two years, we have put very much energy into the development of new tablets, notebooks and smartphones. We are recovering," Wong said. This would include a range of recently launched touch-enabled Windows 8 tablets and laptops such as the Aspire R7 and Iconia W3. In May, he had forecast a 5 percent growth in shipments for its second quarter.

Wong added the company would "first of all make a profit again".

According to a Reuters analyst poll, Acer is expected to swing back to a net profit of NT$1.706 billion (US$57 million) in 2013 from a loss of NTT$2.910 billion (US$97 million) in 2012. It's second quarter results will be announced in August.

Topics: Hardware, Tablets


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  • Looks Like They'll Be Android Tablets, Not Windows Tablets

    Those Windows models haven't reviewed well.
    • In fairness

      They didn't really try... not compaired to Asus, Samsung, the Surface Pro... hell in design they're no-where near even cheap android... And the CEO shouting about how bad Windows 8 doesn't make me want to go out and buy an Acer... I'll buy off someone who embraces the OS... Though somehow they designed one of the best laptops for Windows 8 this year... the R7, If it had ATI/NVidia with a 2560 x 1440 my money would rip its way out of my wallet, through my pants into the sky and fly into Mr. Wongs face... that would of compensated for the weird track pad placement and design... or at least have a line of them so theres the low and high end ones... Look at samsungs Q thingy... because the screen is extra extra juicy the no trackpad at all and no gfx card are swept somewhat under the rug along with the plastic(that is a def upside to the Acer)... but no, over the last 2 or 3 years lost a lot of respect for acer, they seem more and more like a whingey child that wonders why it has no friends when all it does is blame them for its problems... its not like its lighting android up... and probably blames android or google for its crappy android sales
      • Re: I'll buy off someone who embraces [Windows 8]

        Who would that be?
        • Plenty...

          Lenovo, Asus, Dell come to mind. If Nokia or HTC came into the Windows tablet market, I would consider them since they have a strong relationship with Microsoft and have embraced WP8.

          Acer is a mixed bag. Every once in awhile they make something rather nice, other (most) of the time is sub-par. There is a bit of a trust factor there with them.
          Rann Xeroxx
  • Acer get's credit for its marketing choices

    I give Acer credit for not focusing on one platform and offering Chromebooks, Android tablets and unique Windows machines. However their taste for volume sales over good margins has given Acer a bad name as being cheap and flimsy for quality. I have seen recent models that have tried to erase that image but given the experiences many users had with their products. Its going to be hard to change that image. I also think Acer should just jettison Gateway and eliminate cross competition. Either that or make Gateway a premium branding or something. Sharing basically similar models in the same markets does not make sense with reduced overall PC sales.
  • Acer is still more concerned about getting to market fast

    rather than getting the product right. The reputation for cheap and flimsy is well earned right now.

    They continue are their own worst enemy.
  • Won't buy Acer again...

    Bought an Acer A500 tablet. Got Honeycomb but not Jellybean so I will go with Nexus device in the future to continue updates. Lesson, take car of customers or they will go elsewhere !