Acer Iconia W700: Another Windows 8 tablet for $799

Acer Iconia W700: Another Windows 8 tablet for $799

Summary: The 11.6-inch slate includes a docking cradle and Bluetooth keyboard and will be available when Microsoft's latest OS launches on October 26.

TOPICS: Tablets, Windows

Like Asus and Lenovo before it, Acer has found a common starting price point for its forthcoming Windows 8 tablet: The Iconia W700 will start at $799.99 when it becomes available on October 26, a.k.a. Windows 8 launch day.

Like the Asus Vivo Tab, the W700 features an 11.6-inch IPS display (complete with 1,920x1,080 full HD resolution), but like the Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2, its price includes a Bluetooth keyboard for customers who are interested in having a Windows 8 tablet be their primary mobile computer instead of a dedicated laptop. To that end, Acer is also throwing in a docking cradle that lets you position the W700 exactly how you want it for your productivity needs.

Acer is offering the W700 with a choice of Intel Ivy Bridge Core i3 and Core i5 processors, though you'll presumably get a Core i3 for the $799.99 price. You'll also get 64GB or 128GB of SSD storage, a front-facing webcam and a rear-facing 5-megapixel digital camera with 1080p video-recording capabilities. In addition to the keyboard, other accessories bundled with the Iconia W700 include a Micro-HDMI-to-VGA adapter and a protective case. 

Based on the specs you've seen, does any one of the announced Windows 8 tablets look better than the others? Will you be buying one of them? Let us know in the Talkback section below.

Topics: Tablets, Windows

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  • $800 for a Windows RT tablet

    In my opinion, that is just too much. You can get Windows 7 laptops with greater specs for less than that. It seems like Asus and Acer cannot afford to have low prices on their devices. I guess I'll have to see how much the Samsung Ativ tablet and Microsoft Surface cost. But either way, I'll most likely go for the Surface.
    Free From Apple
    • It's not a win RT tablet

      It's not a win RT tablet, you get the full Windows 8 on these tablets. Windows RT is for Arm processors, these tablets use Intel processors.
      • My mistake

        It's not RT then.
        Free From Apple
      • Not an RT Tablet

        True, it is not an RT tablet, it is a laptop wannabe.
    • RT or Win 8 it is not worth it

      RT or Win 8, Arm or Intel Processors, it is a tablet and it is most likely incorrectly priced on this market. We will see that real soon on its sales figure. Wondering Acer's product strategy team is out of touch in the tablet/ultrabook market? Several recent products launched with really weird prices, specs, and market segmenting strategies. It is a nice concept, but putting so much into new born Windows 8 on such pricing strategy may just kill the Windows 8 and its tablet market all together. :-)
      • Good value: two devices in one

        This is a much better value than an iPad and a Mac notebook. It is also much more convenient. I would be very much inclined to buy this device.
        P. Douglas
        • What value?

          First there needs to be demand for such hybrid devices before we speak off value in the market. History shows consumers ignoring this hybrid approach in the past. Consumers have not seen value in having two devices in one but thats master at none.

          On the tablet front, the 11.6" screen seem to be too large and too wide for comfortable tablet consumption. Won't find the same number of apps like on iOS. How is that a better value?
          • Few apps?

            It'll run all applications that run on Windows 7, so what do you mean by "Won't find the same number of Apps"?

            People seem to forget that it's not all about Metro (or whatever Microsoft calls it these days).

            It's a PC with something added.
          • "It's a PC with something added."

            Yes, my point. A Windows PC with tablet capability as an afterthought (secondary). With the large and extra wide 11.6" screen, Acer is catering to the PC user first, tablet user second. The average PC user finds working on a larger screen (11" and above) more practical and enjoyable. The average tablet user finds consuming on a smaller screen more practical and enjoyable.

            OEMs will try but they will find it hard successfully catering to both worlds with just one hybrid device. Which is why I strongly feel these hybrids will continue to remain in that small niche category. Just like its predecessors.

            "It'll run all applications that run on Windows 7"

            Sure it would. Like I said it's a PC first catering to the PC user. It'll make for a horrible tablet though when its time to consume. I wouldn't want to fiddle with desktop PC software that wasn't written for touch when i'm in leisure mode consuming. And Metro wont have the apps found on iOS.
          • I actually find

            The ipad's screen to small and it could certainly gain something by being 16:9 rahter than 4:3.

            Your remarks about applications is silly, not only does this tablet in production mode has a much bigger amount of applications available than the in comparison tiny number of Ios applications, even in consumption mode, there should be no shortage of applications, in fact I already see applications that are not even possible on Ios, just because Apple would not allow these in their app store. Case in point, there are several file explorer type apllications in metro, that expose the file system, something that is apparently a big no no on Ios, unless you jailbreak the device.
          • Right

            Because the number one thing I want to do when consuming with my iPad (leisure) is worry about some file system. Either way iOS always had apps in the app store that exposes the file system, or creates a file system. Going back to 2007.

            When in production mode, I would want the tool best suited for the job. That is my 16" Windows 8 Notebook with the needed horsepower to handle the graphics I throw at it (Graphic Design). Not a hybrid which is essentially a netbook with touch capability. All the applications I use in production mode are all written for desktop PCs anyway, not touch. Using applications not written for touch like MS Office for instance is already a chore.

            When I am consuming info, I pull out my 9.7" iPad. For me the 4:3 retio is ideal for holding in any position without feeling too wide of too narrow like the 16:9.
          • This Tablet

            will have all the horsepower I need for my stuff. Real performance related stuff is done on my Desktop with 24 GB. For that work, even the most expensive notebook would not be enough.

            But for normal run of the mil production work. And it will be perfect for consumption work, as the touch support will be on par, if not better than the Ipad.

            And yes, I use my ipad a lot for video, and I certainly miss a proper 16:9 aspect ratio, holding isn't something I do very often, (as I hardly ever) so not sure why this would be a problem, surely it doésn't really matter if it is a bit wider when it comes to holding it ?

            What application, which is freely available on the IOS appstore exposes the file system ? The only one I know is ifile, and that one does require a jailbreak.
          • 16:9 is for video-watching morons

            "The ipad's screen to small and it could certainly gain something by being 16:9 rahter than 4:3."

            Yeah, it could join the ranks of tablets that are useless for anything except watching movies. 16:9 screens are the stupidest "feature" to come along on computers in ages. Manufacturers are using them in new models because it means they can use cheap panels designed for mass-market HDTV units, and because it allows them to make the screen sound larger than it is, by just giving the diagonal measure. And the drooling vidiots are sucking it down.
          • Chances are ...

            ... that you'll fiddle with your tablet(s) using touch-friendly Windows 8 apps downloaded from the Store.

            Are there 500M apps in the store today? No, but Win8 isn't even commercially available yet. Give it a few months and Win8 will be seeing HUGE app volume available in the store.

            Why? Because it's increasingly difficult to find new worthwhile apps in the iOS store since its so saturated. The Win8 store - available to all 300M+ Win8 customers each year - will be the next big gold rush for app developers.
          • @dave95. I respect your iOS Knowledge and appreciate it

            But at the same time I wonder why constantly brag about iPad and tell everyone that W8 sucks even before you have seen one in real. That certainly shows your Fear and uncertainity about iPad's future in your mind. I am not criticizing or undermining your opinion, I know there are trolls here who constantly bad mouth about the others' choice (already one of them posted a pretty long trollish opinion about it even before trying), but I never considered you one among them.
            Ram U
          • @Rama.NET

            I never said W8 sucks, I am just criticizing the strategy by these OEMs pushing out hybrids, again.
          • But why ?

            I can understand it if you don't see the relevance or need, others (such as myself) do see the need and I am therefore very happy that they are being produced and released.
          • Was there demand for tablets before the iPad?

            There is value in these hybrid devices, as the market will show in the coming months. Prices are finally low enough to have touch screens standard.
        • iPad vs Surface

          Windows RT is good for people who need Office, surfing the Web and little else (Insufficient memory due to bloatware, fewer apps, too big, too heavy). Your Geeky friends (Windows "experts") will all want you to buy one, because they will own you every time your RT needs tech support. And I guarantee you will need that often.

          If you are a Geek already, you will probably love anything Windows, because you can continue to affirm your sense of "superiority" over people you can enslave.

          For everyday living, the iPad is lighter, smaller, less Geeky, more fun apps, build quality, proven Customer Service and a legion of satisfied users (call them whatever you want, they ARE satisfied).

          Debating which one is better without the context of what you will be using it for is meaningless.
  • Unfortunately No

    I am seriously looking at iPad as my substitute for a Tablet. The designs and the price on these Windows 8 and RT Tablets are not competitive enough. How can you pay $800 for an RT Tablet which is giving you less in functionality for an entirely new architecture and platform?