Acer launches 7-inch Iconia Tab A110 Android tablet to compete against iPad Mini, Kindle Fire HD

Acer launches 7-inch Iconia Tab A110 Android tablet to compete against iPad Mini, Kindle Fire HD

Summary: Despite stiff competition from Amazon, Google, and (probably) Apple, Acer hopes you'll consider its $230 mini-tablet.

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It's probably better that Acer announced its new 7-inch Android tablet, the Iconia Tab A110, before Apple's event next week -- where it's likely to introduce its iPad Mini -- though one might question why the company wants to jump into the mini-tablet market right now.

With the Amazon Kindle Fire HD and Google Nexus already firmly entrenched, and Apple potentially lining up to lay waste to all competitors, it's certainly a curious time to be launching the Iconia Tab A110. Acer can point out that unlike the Kindle Fire HD and also Barnes & Noble's Nook HD, the A110 will run Jelly Bean, the latest version of Android. It also comes with an Nvidia Tegra 3 processor and a microSD card slot, which you might need because the A110 only includes 8GB of on-board storage. 

Even worse, the resolution of the A110 display is only 1,024x600, which is now a drawback in a post-Retina Display world of pixel-packing. Couple that with a price tag -- $230 -- that is more than the $199 you can spend for the Nexus 7, Nook HD, or Kindle Fire HD, and it's really unclear what the value proposition is for the A110. (Even if you get the Kindle Fire HD without the special offers, it's still cheaper at $214.)

Acer may have had this mini-tablet in the pipeline for some time, and figured it'd be worth releasing it rather than throwing it on the scrap heap. But all signs point to this getting lost in the shuffle against cheaper, more highly visible competitors. Do you see any chance for the Iconia Tab A110 to be successful against the Kindle Fire HD, Nexus 7 and iPad Mini? Let us know in the Talkback section below.


Topic: Tablets

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  • One word, NO.

    IF Acer wants this to move, it needs to be priced around the Nook Color or original Kindle Fire as they have those kinds of capabilities. That would be $159, no more.
  • plain wrong

    The article wrongly suggests that Acer is only now jumping into the 7 inch tablet size. Maybe the author never heard of the Acer a100?
  • Flame/Fire

    We will be selling the Ainol Flame / Fire in our store for much less than 189 within the US. In fact we will be selling it for no more than 159.99 with priority shipping from within the US.
    Just Frank
  • Ho hum

    Another Android clone review. Getting a little tiresome. Which version of the OS does it run? Will the OS be updated regularly? What does it have to offer, software wise, that the other Android clones don't?
    Susan Antony
  • jump into?

    Last year, December 2011, I bought my little son a *used* Acer A100 7" Android tablet for Christmas. It has since auto-updated from Gingerbread to ICS thanks to Acer. Cost me $225, and has proven to be a tough, reliable, thoroughly enjoyable little tablet. So, um, WTF?
    Gerard Samija
  • acer a110

    well since your article was written, Apple has come out with the Mini iPad with 2 year old hardware for $329 (starting at) and its resolution is only slightly better than the Acer's, if I were in the market for a 7 inch tablet I think the Acer is a bargain, especially with its spec's.
  • acer a110 - £50 cash back in the UK

    Hi, acer has just started offering £50 cash back in the UK. So for £130 you can pick up this A110 tablet. Not a bad deal considering what you get...

    Very tempted to get this over the Nexus 32G at £199 - £70 is £70

    As chrisrazzzz says, apple just released the apple mini with a screen resolution roughly the same as the Acer...and the mini starts at £269 in the UK.
  • HDMI

    A major point missed by this lame article is that the Acer has an HDMI out. The Nexus 7 does not. If you want to watch the stuff you download on your TV instead of on the little screen and don't want to shell out a fortune to Apple, the Acer is a great way to go. The article, clearly biased from the start to turn you off Acer, also fails to point out that the Acer supports mini-SD storage upto 32gb, which the Nexus 7 does not (although its internal memory is twice as big at 16gb).
  • Beware of Acer products.

    Even at discounted prices consumer needs to be aware that Acer is an inferior manufacturer and only in it to make a quick buck. I've owned an Acer A100 for over a 15 months period and approximately at the 13 and a half month period it stopped booting up and would not work altogether. Many others have had the same thing happen to them with this product. Simply type into your browser 'acer a100 problems' and see for yourself. There's got to be some inferior manufacturing flaw or product part deficiency from a acer's supply manufacturer that has caused these many product from just not working after the manufacturer warranty has expired, so my best advice to anybody who would purchase any of Acer’s product is to at least get extra warranty coverage for at least one more year past the manufacturer's warranty. It is very costly and heartbreaking to have paid top dollars for a product that only works for one year. I would stay away from purchasing any Acer product altogether due to the uncertainty of quality control and manufacturing deficiency.