Acer refreshes Aspire R7 laptop with Ezel-Hinge

Acer refreshes Aspire R7 laptop with Ezel-Hinge

Summary: The new version of the Best Buy exclusive features an Intel Haswell Core i5 processor and adds a digitizer to its touchscreen for use with Acer's active stylus.

TOPICS: Laptops, Mobility

It's been just a few months since Acer introduced the R7, a Windows 8 laptop that seeks to stand out from the convertible or hybrid portable devices that have recently been proliferating. That's meant in a literal sense, too, as its unique feature is the Ezel-Hinge that allows you to move its touchscreen into a variety of positions.

But the company is ready to refresh the notebook, and the upgraded version is available immediately. The new Aspire R7-572 gets the usual Intel Haswell processor boost -- in this case, the Core i5-4200U -- to improve performance and extend battery life (to 6.5 hours, according to Acer). It's also going to take advantage of its 15.6-inch touchscreen and Ezel-Hinge by including a digitzer in the display. That inclusion lets you work with an optional Acer active stylus, which can work with stylus-friendly applications like Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop, along with the new set of Acer Touch Tool software.

Other specs include 8GB of RAM, a 1TB hard drive, a pair of USB 3.0 ports, a multi-gesture touchpad, and Windows 8.1. That compares to 6 gigs of RAM and a hard drive half that size in the first-generation R7 that ZDNet's own James Kendrick reviewed back in June. He found the laptop "beautifully designed and well constructed." While the version he tested was listed for $999, the new R7-572, available exclusively at Best Buy, will cost $899.99, with the stylus an additional $49.   

Topics: Laptops, Mobility

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  • Another Front Flips

    Of all the hybrid configurations (twists, spins, rips, back flips, front flips, 3rd party add ons, etc.) I like the front flip the best. The trick will be in the design of the second hinge. This configuration now has two supporters, Acer and Sony. The trick will be in the design of the second hinge. Sony is in there second generation Acer is till in its first sort of. I expect this upgrade also has some improvements in the second hinge also.

    I feel in the future everything will be a hybrid. It is very interesting watching this market develop.
  • I'd be interested

    in an 11" version with better battery life. it's a nice design really. I'd be a bit worried about the long term viability of those hinges though.
  • Hooray for the upgrade!

    I was going to buy myself one this holiday season, and now I'll get a better model within the same budget!

    The digitizer is a surprise feature, and one that will make the PC far more useful during meetings by replacing my trusty notebook and pen.