Acer's super-thin S7 ultrabook and W510 convertible: hands-on

Acer's super-thin S7 ultrabook and W510 convertible: hands-on

Summary: IFA provided an opportunity to get a closer look at some of Acer's upcoming Windows 8 devices.


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  • Acer's spin on the hybrid/convertible genre is the 10.1-inch Iconia W510.

    It is similar to HP's Envy x2 and Samsung's Ativ Smart PC, in that it is essentially a touch-capable Windows 8 ultrabook with a screen that can be removed and used as a tablet.

    Image credit: David Meyer

  • The W510's keyboard dock contains an extra battery that, according to Acer, allows for 18 hours' usage.

    The W510 will run on an Intel Clover Trail processor. As is the case with other devices running on the same system-on-a-chip (SoC), such as the Envy x2, the manufacturer is staying vague on the precise specs.

    Image credit: David Meyer

  • One neat feature of the W510 is the ability to clip the removable full-HD tablet screen in backwards, which could be handy for presentations.

    Image credit: David Meyer

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      The close-ups do look a bit... Budget...
  • Crappy slide show format.

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  • The Acer w510 convertible as a Presentation tool

    Really??? how many times would you be using a 10.1 screen for a presentation?
  • Why are you assuming it can't be done and done right?

    Anybody can say it can't be done. My respect goes to the person that CAN make it work.