Acronis launches new version of Mac backup software

Acronis launches new version of Mac backup software

Summary: Acronis offers what customers describe as easy to use backup and recovery software. The company faces a bewildering array of competitors. Is it up to the task?

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I exchanged messages with Acronis' PR firm about the launch of a new version of the company's Acronis Backup & Recovery for Mac. It is clear that Macs have started being an important part of organization's desktop and laptop strategies, and have been favored choices in many bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs.

Apple's Mac OS offers many wonderful features, but tight integration into a Windows, Linux, or Unix environment isn't one of them. Acronis, among many others, have sought to fill the gaps left by Apple.

Here's what Acronis has to say about its Backup & Recovery for Mac:

Whether IT likes it or not, Macs in the enterprise are a reality. In fact, sales of Macs to businesses grew nearly 50 percent year over year in 2012 (meanwhile, PC sales were down 13 percent). Many see the advantages of enterprises moving to a more user-centric model where employees are free to use their workstation of choice, but using Macs in the enterprise also presents major compliance issues and threatens business continuity if Mac files are left unprotected.

IT departments clearly need a solution that can resolve the legal, financial, and bottom-line risks of Macs in the enterprise. And, to address this, on Wednesday, February 27, Acronis is releasing an architecture that seamlessly integrates Mac backups into its corporate data protection strategy, without affecting the user or administrator experience. The new solution, based on ExtremeZ-IP® and Acronis Backup & Recovery®, centrally protects Mac OS X® Time Machine® archives, with the flexibility to store Mac files to disk, SAN, tape, or the cloud. This means users can continue to operate on their workstation of choice, and administrators can be assured that IT is flexible, seamless, and fully compliant.

Ultimately, Mac integration is an important step in moving beyond traditional backup and disaster recovery to encompass a broader enterprise strategy for comprehensive, secure data protection. Regardless of where data resides, IT must ensure it is available, accessible, and protected in physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

Snapshot analysis

Acronis is known by its users as a provider of easy to use, but powerful backup and recovery software. That being said, Acronis faces a bewildering array of competition including Apple's own backup capability, which is part of Mac OS. Here are a few of products tools that can be seen as competition for Acronis' products:

Which of these is the best product depends, of course, on your requirements. Some of these products are clearly designed for a single user or small company. Others are designed to bring Macs into a corporate backup and recovery environment.

Is Acronis Backup and Recovery for Mac the right choice for you? If you need to bring Mac OS-based machines into your backup strategy, regardless of whether that backup is to the cloud, your SAN, to tape, or to an external disk, Acronis might be a good solution for you.

While Kusnetzky Group has been happy with tools that replicate files to a backup volume on our storage server, that solution might be problematic for those who prefer a "set it and forget it" approach. Acronis users have always said nice things about the company and its products when interviewed or included in a Kusnetzky Group survey. Either way, it's worth a look.

Topic: Data Management


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  • Acronis has been deleted from

    all my systems. We backup, or should I say tried to backup, to a FTP server. Once installed it initially worked well and I liked the auto purge function so as not to hit disk quote. However over the last several months backups would fail with certain error codes. Sometimes deleting the job (including the schedule) and recreating would fix things for a week or so.

    It then got so bad that we had to uninstall Acronis (2011 or 2012) and then reinstall. Within a week backups would start to fail again. Entering the error codes into their web site yeilded no results. The blogs showed many people with the same problem and support asking for detailed logs. The dates in the blogs showed this issue more than a year old and no resolution or even a workaround that would fix the problem.

    Didn't these guys write the code? Don't they, even internally, know the error codes? It almost seems that the code has module(s) included that they have no knowledge about. Sort of like Adobe with that module that won't allow you to scan and edit currency.

    I and other users have paid good money for their Windows product. Even if you are considering this for your MAC you should TRIAL this especially if going to a FTP server. Backing up to a local disk is fine to save your butt but you should really backup to something not physically connected to your system.

    If you run into the same problems that I and other users have experienced be warned that support is less than knowledgable, will ask for log files that will never lead to a solution and you are pretty much on your own.
  • Don't Do It

    I used Acronis until 2012 came out. It was the biggest POS unusable software I had used. Customer support was equally as bad. They convieniently ignored support questions until after their 30 day return period has expired and then said "sorry".

    Don't do it.
    • Have to agree

      I had used Acronis for several years, but year by year it just go worse and worse. A couple of times I needed to reinstall and couldn't because the software had messed up.
  • Terrible software

    I've been using their True Image Home 2011 on two Windows computers and it is, hands down, the most bloated, user unfriendly, and unintuitive piece of software I have ever used. Never again!
  • And one last nail in the coffin was

    that uninstalling it also deleted Windows Backup, So now I have to either figure out how to reinstall Windows Backup, in Win 7, or get/buy something else.

    Thanks Acronis. NOT!!!!
  • Paragon Backup & Recovery

    Paragon Backup & Recovery in the ultimate Backup image software. It supports Windows, OSX, and Linux. It works from a time capsule partition, from Windows OS partition, or my favorite, from a bootable USB or dvd.
  • Mac backup software

    I haven't used the Acronis but another app for imaging my Mac ie; Stellar Drive Clone. It was good and cheaper than the Acronis.