ACS opens Sydney office: photos

ACS opens Sydney office: photos

Summary: New South Wales Minister for Finance and Services Greg Pearce last night opened Australian Computer Society's new offices in Sydney, which also showcased computers through the ages.

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  • (Credit: Josh Taylor/ZDNet Australia)

    Pearce said it was unusual for him to attend the opening of an office; however, he was compelled to attend because it was his "first plaque" opening.

    "I'm old enough to remember a room about this size at the law firm I started working in, which was occupied by computer hard drive things, raised ceilings and floors," he said." I guess I've been lucky enough to be around for the whole computer age, so if I can make a bit of a contribution to the development of Sydney and New South Wales in that space then I want to do so."

  • (Credit: Josh Taylor/ZDNet Australia)

    The Australian Computer Society offices were filled to capacity as revellers gathered to celebrate the opening. The Australian Computer Museum Society also supplied some computer artefacts from the across the ages.

Topic: Hardware


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