ACS opens Sydney office: photos

ACS opens Sydney office: photos

Summary: New South Wales Minister for Finance and Services Greg Pearce last night opened Australian Computer Society's new offices in Sydney, which also showcased computers through the ages.

TOPICS: Hardware

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  • (Credit: Josh Taylor/ZDNet Australia)

    Atari had its first MS-DOS pocket computer in 1989, while Palm's Personal Digital Assistant was all the rage in the '90s.

  • (Credit: Josh Taylor/ZDNet Australia)

    Although this Compaq "Transportable" computer weighs 12.7 kilograms, it was quite popular when Compaq launched it in 1982, with the company selling over 53,000 units.

  • (Credit: Josh Taylor/ZDNet Australia)

    The IBM System/360 mainframe computer was sold between 1964 and 1978, and wouldn't look out of place on the deck of the USS Enterprise.

Topic: Hardware


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