Ada's Technical Books in Seattle

Ada's Technical Books in Seattle

Summary: Ada's Technical Books in Seattle recently relocated, adding a cafe and more technical science, security, sci-fi and engineering books than before into its breathtaking new location.


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  • Ada's Technical Books is now in a house built in 1922.

    A visit to the new location of Ada's Technical Books in Seattle feels like spending time in a beautiful cathedral of science. The bookstore fully remodeled a 1922 house that sits on one of Capitol Hill's prime retail corridors, and it's a stunning vision tucked between restaurants, cafes and stores.

    Now with its own cafe and airy, dedicated presentation room - plus a kids' play space - Ada's is no longer just a place to visit, but now a complete destination.

    It's incredible. Bookshelves packed with tomes stretch luxuriously to the lofty ceiling, spines tempting the visitor for time to be lost in engineering, security, physics, math, geology, biology, programming (the romance languages!), hardware, comics, sci-fi, computer culture, futurism, the cosmos, engines and so much more.

    Countertops offer toys and puzzles, inviting passers-by to go hands-on with everything within reach. For every kind of curious mind, Ada's offers an object to have and hold, something to push a passion just a little bit further. The coffee's pretty good, too.

    Ada's Technical Books ( is located at 425 15th Ave East, Seattle, WA 98112. Store hours are 8am-10pm.

    To read more about Ada's new location and the gorgeous renovation (with design images), check out New home for Ada’s Technical Books — and cafe — takes shape on Capitol Hill on the Capitol Hill Seattle Blog.

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  • Outside: offers of mushroom pot pie and lasers.



Topics: Security, Hardware, Education

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  • Oooh... I'll be down there just after Christmas...

    Must make a stop - thanks for the heads up! :)
    The Werewolf!
  • Is ADA'S ADA?

    It's interesting that a place with ada in it's name doesn't appear to be ADA compiant. There might be another entrance that is ADA compliant but it isn't visable in the picture.