Adobe introduces Photoshop Elements 7

Adobe introduces Photoshop Elements 7

Summary: The company says the photo-editing software, as well as video-editing package Premiere Elements 7, will be released in October

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Adobe has announced the latest offering in its Photoshop line: Elements 7.

The package, introduced on Tuesday, includes 'Scene Cleaner', allowing users to remove objects from a picture without wiping the background. 'Smart Brush' allows a user to change the lighting on a specific part of the picture.

UK pricing is £76.38, including VAT, for the full version, and £57.58, including VAT, if upgrading from a previous version, according to Adobe's UK online store.

Customers in the US can pay an extra $60 (£33) to sign up for membership of, which allows online storage of and access to images. An Adobe spokesperson told that the service is not available to UK users.

Adobe also announced video-editing software on Tuesday: Adobe Premiere Elements 7. Bundled together, both pieces of software can be purchased for £111.42, including VAT.

Both pieces of software are due out in October.

Topic: IT Employment

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