Adobe issues critical Flash Player update

Adobe issues critical Flash Player update

Summary: An exploit exists in the wild for the vulnerability patched today in Flash Player. Windows, Mac and Linux versions are affected.

TOPICS: Security
Click on image to install current version of Adobe Flash Player

Adobe has released an emergency update for Flash Player on Windows, Mac and Linux. Current versions have a vulnerability that could potentially allow an attacker to remotely take control of the affected system. According to Adobe, an exploit for the vulnerability (CVE-2014-0497) exists in the wild.

Windows and Mac users of versions and earlier should update to version Users of Flash Player and earlier versions for Linux should update to version Adobe has also released a patched version 11.7.700.261 for Windows and Mac.

A Google Chrome update yesterday to version 32.0.1700.107 included the fixed Flash plugin bundled with that product. Microsoft has released an update for Windows 8.0 and 8.1 for the bundled Flash Player plugin in Internet Explorer 10 and 11.

If Flash is bundled with the browser, do Flash bugs become browser bugs

Users may obtain the newest version of Adobe Flash Player from Adobe at Do not trust Flash Player installations or patches from any other source.

The vulnerability was reported to Adobe by Alexander Polyakov and Anton Ivanov of Kaspersky Lab.

Topic: Security

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  • Why do developer insist on still using Flash?

    • Why?

      It is widely distributed. People already own the software to write for it. It sells to a wide market. Despite its poor security it actually works well.
      • It's not really that bad anymore

        5 years ago security in the Flash Player was a complete mess, but they put a lot of resources into cleaning it up. A fix like this is a big deal and needs to installed quickly but these days they really don't have that many. Any sufficiently sophisticated program will have these problems. The good ones are the ones that get quick fixes
        • Not that many?

          Have you been paying attention? Flash has had security and stability updates at least once a month for years now. That's one reason they've made these updates more or less automatic. Though some people are still spooked when they see a Flash update notice because the've heard that some malware masquerades as Flash updates. The distinction, of which many are unaware, is that you can see a Flash update notice in your web browser and this is where most exploits appear, though some web sites will demand that you update Flash to view embedded content. If you have a recent version of Flash installed on your Mac or Windows PC, a legitimate Flash update notice will be launched independently from any web browser. Though, on Windows, you will probably have to use your browser to download the update, so such distinctions can be obscured. And, on Windows, Adobe may throw related promotions at you when you go to download the update, which is a common, and in my opinion unethical, practice these days, especially on CNet Downloads. So Windows users in particular have legitimate reasons to be concerned about what they download - even from supposedly trustworthy sights like CNet. It takes a savvy user to avoid all the crapware they encounter when they try to download any kind of update, from Flash to printer drivers. Things are far less tricky on the Mac side of things, for some reason, though these days CNet will try to get you to download junk even on the Mac side. Simply put, it's a jungle out there and Flash is only a small part of the problem.

          By all this I don't mean to suggest that Flash on the Mac is intrinsically more secure than on Windows. These exploits seem to be platform agnostic; even Linux is at risk. This all puts users in a quandary: Updates are sometimes risky; yet not updating is also risky. My solution is, if you have any doubts, seek expert help. This may not be convenient, but it's better than flying blind. As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
          • Auto-update

            Flash Player already has opt-in auto-update mechanism which silently updates the software while system is not in use and don't cause slowness.
          • Adobe Auto Update

            Unfortunately for me the auto-update feature doesn't work at least 50% of the time.
            Last month I visited the Adobe website and found updates for 3 programs of which I was unaware because they hadn't updated automatically. And yes, my auto-update feature is turned on. Most of the time Secunia PSI notifies me when Adobe updates are available.
    • Its dying .... slowly

      Thankfully it has been slowly dying over the past few years:
  • Bandaids and sponges.

    Why not rewrite the Flash Player and charge $699.95 for it. I might not buy it but it would probably more secure than the hobby ware that it is now.
  • Re: Adobe issues critical Flash Player update....

    No sign of an update for Mac as of yet ?
    • It definitely should be out there

      If you go to you should see the .44 version. If you don't do a hard refresh.
  • Another one?

    Dam i just finished rolling the last update out last week and now i have to do another. Ahhh well another login script i suppose.
  • Beyond the security issue, they still suck. Gluttony~

    I understand that parsing multimedia content is a fairly complex task, which is what this plugin does, but its probably one of the worst resource hogs out there.

    For system requirements, they say you need at least 1GB and recommend that you have 2GB of ram, or more. Is it really necessary that it needs and uses so much memory, just to parse a data stream? I think not. I think they use it to build and maintain a usage profile on us, which is ok too as long as that data is held in confidence, etc.

    I don't know what they do, for sure, but using so much memory for whatever reason(!) just plain sucks. I'm willing to bet that they're in bed with the NSA, and who knows who else. I'll be so glad when content and website developers kick Flash out of the game completely.

    This is just my opinion, and not a recommendation, or cure to all that ails you. Comments?
  • PS - how to proceed with the install safely.

    Just download the update from within your browser. In Firefox click Tools/Addons, then click the link to check for updates, then 'follow the bouncing ball, so to speak. In a similar fashion you can check for updates within Internet Explorer.
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  • I see so many complaints...

    Adobe flash is a target. Fix one spot they find another and it gets fixed. One said he gets all kinds of crapware on update. That's one I have never experienced with Flash.

    It works, been around a long time and Adobe does it's best to catch up with the bad guys. Now days, that's all you can hope for when it's free.