Adobe issues security fix for Flash Player

Adobe issues security fix for Flash Player

Summary: New versions of Adobe Flash Player fix three critical vulnerabilities.

TOPICS: Security

Adobe has released security updates for Flash Player on all platforms. The new software fixes three critical vulnerabilities disclosed by Adobe.


The new version for Mac and Windows users is The new Linux version is Users can manually update through the link nearby. Users of Google Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer on Windows 8 will receive automatic updates to the Flash Player embedded in their browsers from those companies. Users may determine the Flash Player version they are running on this test page.

Adobe AIR products are also affected and users should update to version

The company does not provide any useful description of the vulnerabilities fixed in their bulletins. They say that these vulnerabilities "...could potentially allow an attacker to take control of the affected system." The bulletin calls two of the bugs "security bypass vulnerabilities."

The third has been disclosed by the researcher who reported it to Adobe, Michele Spagnuolo.

Topic: Security

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  • What is it with Adobe Flash?

    You would think that after all these years that ALL the possible security bugs would have been found and patched.

    I just don't know.
  • would be NICE, if it worked!

    The last three flash updates for me, and my companys' nearly 1,500 iMacs and other related mac systems, have first of all linked to a page which comes up in RUSSIAN, not English, leaving me worried, but simply do not work!. how can i trust Adobe to auto-update anything when they send me to a foreign language site, and then provide non-functional software updates?
    LyonsAire CEO
    • Maybe try a direct link for Adobe updates...

      like in the article above? If you are not in a Russian-speaking locale, nor indicating Russian as your preferred language in your OS, then you are likely a victim of malware.
      • Reply to randysmith

        (1) Relative to ANY Adobe product you cannot have any faith in them. If your company's workers are using Adobe Reader - STOP. It has been demonstrated time and time again that it is second only to Java as Swiss cheese for hackers.

        (2) Change from Adobe Reader to either Foxit Reader or (my choice) Sumatra.

        (3) Reluctantly accept the fact you are receiving downloads in Russian and use Google Translate for Chrome or Firefox (as an extension) to translate the Russian to English. If you are using IEx, God love you!
    • Adobe Flash Player Distribution Page

      Here is the direct link to the Adobe Flash Player Distribution page (all platforms; HTTPS): .