Adobe, Microsoft sync up patch schedule in overdue move

Adobe, Microsoft sync up patch schedule in overdue move

Summary: Better late than never. Adobe will follow Microsoft's Patch Tuesday schedule to bring some normalcy to the patching process.

TOPICS: Security

Adobe has adopted Microsoft's Patch Tuesday schedule in a move that's welcome and way overdue.

The company on Tuesday issued an update that patched a bevy of Flash security issues. Microsoft also delivered patches for its IE 10 browser, which included an embedded Flash fix. Going forward, Adobe and Microsoft will be more in sync. 

Adobe's move was highlighted by Computerworld.

The move is way overdue. Adobe's Flash software often has gaping holes and patches that aren't exactly on a regular schedule. By aligning with Patch Tuesday, Adobe will be have to issue more regular updates.

Of course, Adobe didn't have much of a choice. Microsoft embedded Flash Player in its IE 10 browser for Windows 8. For consumers, the Patch Tuesday synchronization isn't going to be that big of a deal.

But for enterprises that have to plan for patches and then fix everything that breaks, the Adobe-Microsoft timing collaboration should be cheered. After all, we can debate the merits of Flash forever, but enterprises have a lot of applications built on it.

Adobe has a big security bulls eye on its back and following Microsoft's security release schedule can only help.

Topic: Security

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  • Yes, but ...

    Yesterday wasn't actually patch Tuesday. It's November 13. This is an out of band update.
    • And...

      Flash has auto updates now that install without users having to do anything. The only advantage of syncing up with Microsoft will be so that IE doesn't miss updates, now that it's including Flash.

      The other thing here is that this isn't really a security update so much as another feature update that's been in public beta for awhile now.
    • Yes it was out of band, but apparently from here on it's monthly.

      Yes it was out of band, but apparently from here on it's monthly.
  • wait i'm confused

    microsoft patch tuesday is the second tuesday of the month. wouldn't this be considered by microsoft to be an out of band update for windows?
  • Actually, it's a big plus for consumers.

    "For consumers, the Patch Tuesday synchronization isn't going to be that big of a deal."

    Actually, it really is a lot better for consumers, because before it was only quarterly, which is quite a long time for unpatched flaws to remain open, and is far below industry standards.

    Monthly releases is a much better way of dealing with flaws than quarterly. The less time a patch is open, the less time criminals have to exploit it, and the better off everybody is, especially consumers who aren't known to be security minded.
  • Adobe's quarterly update cycle never worked.

    There have been nine Security Updates for Flash Player in 2012 so far. Microsoft have been issuing Internet Explorer 10 updates simultaneously with Adobe Security Bulletins since October.
  • Adobe Flash and IE9 with Vista

    So everything between Flash and IE has to do with Windows 7/8 and IE10... The statement and 'fixes' do not mention Vista or IE9... as a long, long time IE user, this has been a huge problem for the last 6 months or more... it has turned Internet Explorer to crap... I reluctantly had to install Firefox just to watch movies, sports updates and superstore sale flash booklets...
    Are these new fixes supposed to fix the broken flash/IE9 issues also??? If not, why not?
    Pete Greco
  • Sync?

    Adobe and Microsoft have most of the time released patches at the same time - except maybe buggy Flash Player [and to a lesser extent Acrobat/Adobe Reader]. Most of Adobe's patches are done quarterly.
  • ie fix

    Best way to permanently fix IE is download Chrome or Firefox !
    preferred user