Adobe patches Acrobat, Flash Player critical vulnerabilities

Adobe patches Acrobat, Flash Player critical vulnerabilities

Summary: Adobe has issued updates to Acrobat, Reader and Flash Player to address critical vulnerabilities in those products.

TOPICS: Security

Acrobat and Reader for Windows and Mac have been updated to address 3 vulnerabilities. At least one of these vulnerabilities gets priority 1 from Adobe, which they define as one which is "...being targeted, or which ha[s] a higher risk of being targeted, by exploit(s) in the wild for a given product version and platform. Adobe recommends administrators install the update as soon as possible. (for example, within 72 hours)."

The new versions of Adobe Reader and Acrobat X and XI are 10.1.9 and 11.0.06. The quickest way to update is with the Help > Check for Updates feature.

Adobe has also updated Flash Player for Windows, Macintosh and Linux, as well as Adobe AIR and the AIR SDK and Compiler. The vulnerabilities fixed in these updates could allow an attacker to bypass Flash security protections and take control of the system.

The new Flash Player 12 versions are (for Mac and Windows with Internet Explorer); for all versions of Chrome; and for all NPAPI-based browsers (such as Firefox). Flash Player 11 has been updated to 11.7.700.260 for Windows and Mac and to on Linux.

Look for updates to come to Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 10 and 11 on Windows 8 and RT to fix these vulnerabilities in their embedded Flash clients.

Topic: Security

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  • I think their patch needs a patch!

    For whatever reason I couldn't get it to download and install in FF. I didn't try it with all add-ons "disabled". I was just about to give up but then I used IE, selected download for another browser and finally got flash player updated for FF.
    I don't have a clue other than one of my add-ons was preventing me from doing the update. If I'm not mistaken Adobe recommends removing/ uninstalling previous versions before installing the newest version.
    If anyone has trouble installing it in FF I would first try disabling and restarting FF. If all else fails do what I did, download it through IE/ other browser option and install it that way!