Adobe Patches Acrobat, Reader, Flash and Illustrator

Adobe Patches Acrobat, Reader, Flash and Illustrator

Summary: [UPDATED] Updates to Acrobat, Reader, Flash Player and Illustrator are for critical vulnerabilities and will be available today.

TOPICS: Security

Adobe has issued a series of updates to address a large number of vulnerabilities in their products. All updated products have at least one critical vulnerability.

The update to Adobe Acrobat and Reader fixes 11 vulnerabilities in the Windows and Mac products. The update to Flash Player fixes five vulnerabilities in all versions of the product: Windows, Mac and Linux, including the versions embedded in Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. The Illustrator update addresses a single vulnerability in the Windows and Mac products.

[UPDATE: Microsoft and Google have issued their browser updates.]

Windows and Mac Acrobat and Reader users can get updates with the Help-Check for Updates option. Flash users can get their updates by downloading them from Adobe, but if they use a browser which has the update included in their browser.

These updates should be forthcoming from Google and Microsoft. Adobe's instructions for updating Illustrator are in this PDF.

Topic: Security

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  • Thanks, Larry!

    Great job as usual.
  • Adobe update 11.0.06 Crashes on W8

    Just downloaded the update and it crashes on a W8 laptop and gives error 1603. Going to the error code page only gives solutions for W7 and XP. Nothing for W8.
    • Adobe update 11.0.06 Crashes on W8

      Correction - update to 11.0.06 is 11.0.07.
      • Are you using Firefox?

        Otherwise I'm not sure why you'd need to do the update on W8.
        • Fixes

          It has a lot of fixes other than security ones:

  • The article text should mention the version numbers,

    damn it.