Adobe updates Flash, fixes several vulnerabilities

Adobe updates Flash, fixes several vulnerabilities

Summary: [UPDATED] New versions of Flash Player address a total of six vulnerabilities, many of them critical.

TOPICS: Security

Adobe has issued an update to Flash Player on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android.

The bugs affect versions and earlier for Windows and Macintosh and versions and earlier for Linux. The new version for Windows and Mac is Adobe did not say what else may have changed, given the new major version number. The new Linux version is

[UPDATE 1: Read the release notes for all of what's new in Flash 14.

UPDATE 2: Adobe AIR and the AIR SDK are also updated, as they usually are when Flash is updated.]

The advisory says almost nothing about the vulnerabilities themselves, other than that they "...could potentially allow an attacker to take control of the affected system."

Windows, Mac, and Linux users can an update at Adobe's website. Google Chrome users on all platforms that have Flash embedded will receive their update as part of a Chrome update.

Microsoft Windows 8.x and RT users will receive updates for the Flash Player embedded in their Modern UI Internet Explorer 10 and 11 through Microsoft Windows Update.

Topic: Security

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  • What would we do without Larry Seltzer?

    I mean, seriously?
  • There is an update to AIR as well.

    Forgot to mention that.
  • All of the Adobe software I have ever used.....

    (PDF excluded) is sub-sub-sub par. Really.