AGIMO changes hands

AGIMO changes hands

Summary: Incoming Minister for Finance and Deregulation Penny Wong appears to have passed responsibility for the Federal Government's peak IT strategy group to Special Minister of State Gary Gray.


Incoming Minister for Finance and Deregulation Penny Wong appears to have passed responsibility for the Federal Government's peak IT strategy group to Special Minister of State Gary Gray.

"I understand that you have agreed with Minister Wong that you will also have responsibility for a diverse range of technical and service delivery activities that Finance oversees, such as the Australian Government Information Management Office," wrote Finance Secretary David Tune in a letter to Gray constituting the minister's briefing notes as part of the incoming government.

The briefing notes were published late on Friday afternoon.

Over the past three years, responsibility for the Australian Government Information Management Office (AGIMO), which coordinates federal government IT strategy centrally, has sat with Finance Minister Lindsay Tanner. The change of masters returns AGIMO to its days under John Howard's administration, when it was overseen separately by Special Ministers of State Eric Abetz and Gary Nairn, for example.

AGIMO will now sit within a new division of Finance, dubbed the Government Business Office, which will also include areas such as property management.

Gray won the ministerial appointment as part of Prime Minister Julia Gillard's reshuffle in September following Labor taking government. He was previously a parliamentary secretary for Western and Northern Australia, winning his parliamentary seat in November 2007 with Kevin Rudd's Labor victory.

AGIMO's agenda

Gray will take up the AGIMO reins at a time when it is delivering on several critical initiatives for the Federal Government.

For example, the briefing documents make clear that the imminent action he needs to take is to approve AGIMO's new arrangements for the provision of secure internet gateways across government.

Secondly, while the briefing notes claim that the ambitious program of reforms stemming from the Gershon Review into public sector IT expenditure and use has mostly been delivered, Gray will need to rubber stamp AGIMO's continued coordinated ICT procurement strategy, including the mammoth datacentre centralisation strategy.

In this area of the briefing notes, several paragraphs were blacked out as not being suitable for public consumption.

In the briefing notes, Finance urged Gray to focus on "a new strategic vision for the government's use of ICT ... for the next five to 10 years". The department argued for AGIMO to have a "stronger role" to provide greater coordination of ICT initiatives across the Federal Government. "This would give the ICT industry visibility of how and where they can contribute," the notes stated.

There is also the Government 2.0 work that is attempting to boost use of Web 2.0 collaborative tools such as blogs and wikis within the public sector, as well as opening up access to government information. Finance advised Gray to endorse the previously published Declaration of Open Government "possibly via an opening post on the AGIMO blog".

It has been speculated that Senator Kate Lundy's new role, one of which is parliamentary secretary to the Prime Minister, will allow her to pursue her interest in the area. One of Gray's other new tasks will be to "agree a process for working with senators and members with particular interests in this area", according to the Finance briefing.

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  • IMHO the new Labor Government could save a significant amount of money and completely disband the AGIMO. Nobody ever seems to ask what organisations like this ever achieve and how much to they cost to produce nothing that anybody wants. I speak from some knowledge; in a former life I ran the Gatekeeper project for AGIMO/NOIE/OGIT or what ever. Why was Government ever involved in such a risky and senseless project. This project has never achieved its original and rather lofty aims. This is one technology that Government ought not be involved with; it's much better done by the private sector where at least they can manage the risk.

    Close down Government organisations like AGIMO and then see what has been lost - very little I think you will find.