Alaska Airlines finally lands on Windows Phone

Alaska Airlines finally lands on Windows Phone

Summary: The app gap continues to erode for the Windows Phone platform and one of my most used Android and iOS apps is finally available for my Lumia devices.


I travel on average at least once a month and 99 percent of the time I fly Alaska Airlines out of Seattle. Even though Alaska Airlines is located in Microsoft's backyard, we haven't had a Windows Phone application until today.

Last year during a flight to New Jersey I Tweeted about my frustration with Windows Phone and an Alaska Airlines representative directed me to using the web app for my flight. It worked reasonably well, but I still find dedicated apps to work much better for most things.

With the new Alaska Airlines app, available in the Windows Phone store, you can manage your existing reservations, book new trips, check in to flights, access your boarding pass and use it for security and boarding access (including TSA PreCheck), and view your mileage plan account information.

Microsoft stated that version 1.1 will be released in late May with Live Tile functionality, offering users easy access to essential day-of travel information like flight status and gate information. With this upgrade, users will also be able to pin a boarding pass directly to their Start screen and receive toast notifications.

I have a couple of flights scheduled for May on Alaska and plan to test out the application. You can find applications for many other airlines on Windows Phone already, including American, Delta, and United.

Now, if we could just get another major Northwest company, Starbucks, to release an official app for Windows Phone I would be even happier with using a Windows Phone device.

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  • So

    does this mean you will start using your windows phone as a daily driver? I didn't think so!
    • Why don't you think so?

      I'm just curious.
  • Curious

    I wonder how much Microsoft paid them to do this, or did Microsoft do it for them?
    • It's Done

      does it matter how?
    • I'm Curious

      Why would you assume Microsoft paid them to do this, or that Microsoft did it for them when the store shows that the publisher is Alaska Airlines?

      Or is it because it throws a wrinkle into the whole, "nobody develops WP apps"?
      • Simple

        Because Microsoft was caught payng devopers to develop apps for the Albatross known as Windows Phone. They even went so far as to write apps for companies too.
        "My friends in Silicon Valley say Microsoft has been offering $100,000 or more to companies that will build Windows Phone apps. "

        So yeah, nobody develops Windows Phone apps.
        • Sorry, itguy10 pretty thin seeing they are years old references

          Oh, and you left out the line "That includes 48 of the top 50 most downloaded apps"

          I know you feel the need to cherry pick, kind of bolster your position, but I guess why you lost, yet again.

          Now hurry up with my fries....!
  • The app

    looks like it belongs in Windows Phone, and I mean that in the best way possible. It fits with the WP design aesthetic - it looks a lot more integrated than the average app, which is a point in Microsoft's favor as far as I'm concerned.
    luke mayson