Alienware offers $200 trade-in credit on new PCs for your gaming console

Alienware offers $200 trade-in credit on new PCs for your gaming console

Summary: With the new PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on the way, Alienware tries to make PC gaming a slightly better deal.


Trade-in programs for electronics have been around seemingly forever, but more attention has been paid to them more recently. Just this month, for instance, Microsoft started offering a trade-in program to improve sales of its Surface tablets, while Walmart added tablets to its trade-in program after starting to accept smartphones last month.

Alienware has had a trade-in program for years, but it hopes to boost sales of its desktops and laptops by adding gaming consoles to its list of hardware for which it will provide credit. While the gaming PC maker had offered trade-in credit for consoles in the past, its recent decision to accept them again is hardly coincidental. With the impending release of the Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One, PC gaming will face yet another challenge to its popularity.

Because Alienware is an online seller, the trade-in process is a little more convoluted than just bringing your old console to a location and receiving on-the-spot credit. You first have to purchase an Alienware PC, then you need to complete an online process before sending in your hardware for cash back. Obviously, your console has to be in working condition to qualify, and you need to provide your banking information to get the credit transferred to your account.

Alienware will offer $200 back for a PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, or Nintendo Wii (though not the Wii U). The trade-in program may be particularly enticing to Wii owners, as you will barely receive any trade-in credit for the system from other retailers. The company continues to offer trade-in credit for desktops and laptops with fairly recent processors. 

Would you trade in your current videogame console for a $200 credit from Alienware? Let us know your thoughts in the Talkback section below. 

[Via IGN]

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  • Yeah Well...

    Most games are better on the PC and if AMD's Mantel works out to be the real deal, they're going to have an even bigger advantage.
    • There are two things.

      Consoles only have two things going for them that make them appealing vs a gaming pc; price and ease of use.
      With a console, you don't need to know anything at all about computer hardware and software. You just pop the disc in and go. It's not always that easy with gaming PCs.
      They are also substantially cheaper than a quality gaming rig. If you don't know enough to build your own pc, you will pay out the nose for a prebuilt one. Even if you do know enough to build it yourself, the cost will still be over $500 for a budget rig, nevermind a high end one.
    • Kind of funny

      It's funny that this (the subject of the story) is happening at a point when the two 800-pound gorillas of the industry are using similar PC-like architecture (as well as at least one arcade platform).
      Third of Five
  • pc gaming

    If you know what ur doing building ur own pc has always been my preference for games. Graphics are just a big improvement and you just keep upgrading as technologies improve. Cant upgrade with consoles you always have to buy complete and at £300+ at launch of new consoles even a budget pc upgrade more than competes. I got an xbox 360 and play pc games more cos theyre so much more enjoyable graphically