All aboard Gogo's private jet to test new text, talk service (photos)

All aboard Gogo's private jet to test new text, talk service (photos)

Summary: ZDNet's Zack Whittaker boarded Gogo's private jet to find out more and test the company's latest service: texting and talking as though you were on the ground.

TOPICS: Networking, Cloud

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  • Racks of servers as part of Gogo's test plane

    Up close, you can see these servers take up only a little space in the grand scheme of things. On commercial airlines, there are 6 access points throughout the plane.

    Image: Zack Whittaker/CBS Interactive

  • Commercial aircraft will just have one of these boxes...

    But the newer, latest-generation boxes are a little bigger than a home router. The actual installation is an "overnight" process, according to Barczak, and takes up very little space.

    Image: Zack Whittaker/CBS Interactive

Topics: Networking, Cloud

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