All aboard Gogo's private jet to test new text, talk service (photos)

All aboard Gogo's private jet to test new text, talk service (photos)

Summary: ZDNet's Zack Whittaker boarded Gogo's private jet to find out more and test the company's latest service: texting and talking as though you were on the ground.

TOPICS: Networking, Cloud

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  • Aircraft air-to-ground antenna

    Under the nose of the plane you can see two antennas. These are to communicate with ground-based antennas that broadcast signal across America. Gogo has more than 200 antennas across the country.

    Image: Zack Whittaker/CBS Interactive

  • Gogo One, the company's test plane

    We boarded the flight early in the morning, armed with our smartphones, ready to test out the service, which is pegged for an early 2014 launch. Texting and talking requires Wi-Fi access, so you can't keep a conversation going gate-to-gate, so even with recent changes to the aviation rules. You still have to switch your device to "airplane mode" until you're at 10,000 feet.

    Image: Zack Whittaker/CBS Interactive

  • Inside the main cabin

    The plane itself was plush but small. But there was no need to wait in line at the TSA checkpoint. Because it's a private flight, there was no security. We even got to poke our heads into the cockpit -- although, not while they were flying.

    Image: Zack Whittaker/CBS Interactive

Topics: Networking, Cloud

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