All aboard Gogo's private jet to test new text, talk service (photos)

All aboard Gogo's private jet to test new text, talk service (photos)

Summary: ZDNet's Zack Whittaker boarded Gogo's private jet to find out more and test the company's latest service: texting and talking as though you were on the ground.

TOPICS: Networking, Cloud

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  • Takeoff from Newark International Airport

    The flight lasted about an hour, and soared as high as 30,000 feet to test the new service. At that altitude, we're in the same territory as commercial trans-America and trans-Atlantic flights.

    Image: Zack Whittaker/CBS Interactive

  • No Wi-Fi until we're at 10,000 feet

    Because of airline rules, we weren't able to get access to Wi-Fi until 10,000 feet. Once the Gogo wireless networks are switched on, you can connect your Android device or iPhone to the simulated cellular service, enabling texting and talking between devices in the air as well as on the ground.

    Image: Zack Whittaker/CBS Interactive

  • Gogo engineer testing Wi-Fi service

    Here we have Gogo engineer Ron Barczak testing the network once we reach altitude at which the wireless network can be switched on. In his testing, he's able to tweak the settings to ensure the best connectivity during the flight.

    Image: Zack Whittaker/CBS Interactive

Topics: Networking, Cloud

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