All about the Apple iPhone 5 and new iPods (MobileTechRoundup show #277)

All about the Apple iPhone 5 and new iPods (MobileTechRoundup show #277)

Summary: Apple dominated the mobile news category last week with their new iPhone and iPod announcement. Kevin and I discussed the products on the latest MoTR podcast.

TOPICS: Mobility, Apple, iPhone

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Last week was all about the new Apple iPhone 5 and iPod announcements, so Kevin and I spent most of MobileTechRoundup show #277 discussing the products and impact on the industry. We both ordered something different from Apple and covered the following topics:

  • All about iPhone 5 — OK, iPod touch and Nano too!
  • Thoughts on the new Lightning adapter
  • 3 different iPhone versions due to LTE, no simultaneous voice and data on CDMA version.
  • Google stops Acer smartphone launch in China

Topics: Mobility, Apple, iPhone

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  • Great Broadcast.

    Nice broadcast (as usual).
    Couple of comments / questions....

    disclaimer: I am an AT&T customer.

    For the question; Great Improvement or Incremental Improvement, while this is an improvement, this looks more like the second time in a row Apple did an incremental improvement. The hardware doesn't challenge the Android bar, doesn't lead, and the top line Android's are better. It really looks like Apple has lost the edge... sadly. I will be looking forward to see how well it compares to my GNexus.

    When it comes to LTE, I wonder what exactly Apple did?
    I had a Skyrocket (SGS2 w/ LTE) and really never saw an issue with battery life. I have since given it to my son (late teen) who uses it mercilessly and he is not seeing an issue. The driver looks to be the power management solution Samsung added - and it works really well. Wonder if Apple's solution is in the same line?

    Am looking forward to see how the i5 feels in hand.
    I had a 3GS and ergo it was great. The i4, ouch. It flat out sucked. The i4 was also the first phone where I had to do multiple glass replacements (front and back). Do in part to this, the i4 quickly became my backup phone. I've had the SGS2, SGS2 Skyrocket and GNexus. Outsode the 3GS, the GNexus is the best ergo phone. The GNexus is my main device. Hoping the i5 will be much better than the 4/4S.

    The earbuds... chuckle... I'll stick with mu Monster earphones. I'll try the earbuds, but they will end up in the drawer with the rest of the white "extras".

    Power plug. Ouch.
    Personally, I see it as a money grab. If it supported USB3 I would have been better able to agree with the change. Still think they should have gone to micro USB. Wonder if the charger will be a restricted version that cannot put out enough juice for the iPad... Thankfully I never got into the iPhone extras.
    • Some additional thoughts......

      Screen size... sigh... while anything bigger is better for the iPhone, my biggest issue with iOS has always been the cramped portrait version. I had hoped a bigger screen would make a slightly wider keyboard. Sigh.

      On to the camera. Did they actually change much or just add some extra software stuff? Haven't seen much on any site that is factual.

      Thinner phone, better battery? This is something I am really wondering about. If they had come out with something new that lengthens battery life from a battery design perspective ... I am not aware Apple has that type of expertise in house. Wonder if it is a power management redesign.

      All for now. I'll repeat I really enjoyed this episode.
    • Thanks for the comments!

      I appreciate the comments on the show, it is always great to hear from listeners. I am glad Apple went away from the front and back both being glass. I have seen a LOT of broken iPhone 4 and 4S units and hope the 5 is more durable.
      palmsolo (aka Matthew Miller)