Always arrive on time with Twist for iOS

Always arrive on time with Twist for iOS

Summary: Find My Friends used to be my favorite app but it's been trumped. Twist keeps track of your friend's ETA and sends an SMS-like push notification when they're going to be late.

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Twist takes the guesswork out of departures and arrivals - Jason O'Grady

I've been a huge fan of Apple's Find My Friends app (free, App Store) ever since it was announced, but a new app called Twist (free, App Store) is even better.

Find My Friends works like this: You've invited a bunch of colleagues to an off-site meeting and people are running late. Instead of having to call or text each of them to check in, you open the FMF iOS app and see them represented as dots on a map.

But that is the extent of Find My Friends. You can locate people on a map, but can't tell if they're suddenly caught in traffic, or if they stopped along the way. You have to estimate their arrival time based on a dot on a map. To see their progress you have to manually touch a refresh icon on the screen. (Apple has promised enhancements to FMF in iOS 6 including location-based alerts, a.k.a. geofencing, and push notifications).

Enter Twist, a phenomenal iOS app that takes location tracking to a whole new level.

Instead of forcing your opt-in followers to constantly refresh a map to see your location Twist automatically lets them know when you're going to arrive via push notification. That way, if you make an unscheduled stop, or get caught in traffic, the person/people that you're meeting are automatically updated with your new arrival time. And it's the automated part that makes Twist so cool. You don't have to call or text them when you're going to be early or late, Twist takes care of it for you. 

(Tinfoil hat types need not worry, both FMF and Twist are completely opt-in.)

While the iOS app provides the best Twist experience, other users don't need the app to stay in the loop. You can add contacts by their mobile number and they'll receive updates by SMS.

Always arrive on time with Twist for iOS - Jason O'Grady


Twist is especially useful for working parents that shuttle kids to and fro. Instead of constantly texting your spouse "got the kids, be home at 6" you simply create a Twist that does the communicating for you. Twist is an amazingly powerful app and has earned a prime location on my iPhone's home screen. 

Topics: Apple, Apps, iOS, Reviews

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  • Stalking?

    One of the big problems with the Find My Friends app was the huge open door to stalkers. I can't help but wonder if there are any security features in Twist to prevent such things?
    • The door is closed

      User has to really want the door to be opened; otherwise no "stalking" is possible. The same is with Twist.
  • Spam app...

    This app was nice when I used it, but since then it's been sending me Push Notification SPAM to 'remind me' to set up a twist... Listen Twist - if i wanted to use you I would, you don' t need to spam me while I'm sitting on the couch to remind me that you exist.

    This kind of behavior is unacceptable - bye bye twist!