Amazon AppStream now available for all developers, including Mac

Amazon AppStream now available for all developers, including Mac

Summary: Four months after launching its streaming application for mobiles and PCs, Amazon is now making it available for all platforms, including OS X, and introduces new features.

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AppStream, Amazon's streaming application is now open to all developers of applications and games, the company said on Thursday.

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This will allow all developers, including those working on OS X, to build and run streaming applications through Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Amazon AppStream allows developers to stream resource-intensive applications and games from the cloud. The service was first launched in November last year. The previews were not available to Mac users at the time, a restriction that the company has now lifted.

The most significant change from today's announcement is the introduction of the g2 instance type Elastic Block Storage (EBS).

AppStream applications now run in a Windows 2008 R2 environment on an Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instance and can make use of native Windows APIs and AWS resources such as relational and NoSQL (Amazon DynamoDB) databases, persistent object storage (Amazon's S3), caching (Amazon Elastic Cache), message queues (Amazon SQS), publish and subscribe messaging (Amazon SNS), and email delivery, the company said.

Amazon client code runs on a desktop (Windows or Mac) or a mobile device running FireOS, Android, or now Apple iOS.

At the same time, Amazon also announced a slight reduction in the cost of running instances and the detail is here.

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