Amazon banishes Apple's comic cut with new ComiXology app

Amazon banishes Apple's comic cut with new ComiXology app

Summary: Amazon has banished Apple’s 30 percent cut of in-app purchases from its ComiXology platform with the release of the new version 3.6 of the digital comics vendor.

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Only weeks after Amazon purchased comic book digital publishing platform, ComiXology, the online sales giant has announced the release of a new version of the digital comics app, with the new release effectively wiping out Apple's 30 percent cut of purchases through the app.

ComiXology sent a message to users over the weekend encouraging them to upgrade to the new version 3.6 of its digital comics platform as it retires the old version of the app.

The new version of the app does not allow iOS users to purchase comics in-app and no longer allows Google Play customers to use their Google Wallet credit to purchase items through the app. With the lack of an in-app storefront, users are required to pay for items via their browser, in a manner mirroring Amazon's Kindle platform, which lacks the ability to buy titles directly through its official Kindle app.

Removing the ability to pay for items in-app means that Apple can no longer take its usual 30 percent cut from purchases through the app.

"We have introduced a new ComiXology iPhone and iPad Comics App and are retiring the old one. iPhone and iPad users will now buy comics on and download to the app," said ComiXology in its message to users on 26 April.

Although ComiXology has offered a US$5 e-gift card credit to entice users who have purchased through its platform in the past to update to the new version, some users have expressed disappointment with the new version of the platform.

"I understand why this change is being made but the experience sucks now," wrote one user who left a comment on the ComiXology blog page.

Some Google Play app users have expressed similar disappointment over losing the ability to pay for ComiXology items using Google Play credit with the new app.

The new version of the app comes just weeks after Amazon announced it had purchased ComiXology on 10 April.

ComiXology is behind the popular iPad and iPhone apps named 'comics' and is also responsible for the official iPad comic reading apps for comic publishers Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse, and others.

Topics: Apps, Amazon, Apple

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  • Luckily, the DC and Marvel apps can read the same files

    So I was able to press the delete key on ComiXology.

    Their loss for making purchases a PITA.
    • Your loss...

      ...because you're cutting your nose to spite the face. The inconvenience is minor, on the same level of the workaround you're using for DC/Marvel apps.
  • 30%

    I can't blame content creators for these sorts of moves. I realize Apple and Google invested a lot of money creating these computing platforms, but a 30% cut of all sales... off the top... is simply extortionate. I guarantee you there are a lot of app publishers who've never made back a dime of their investment while Apple and Google happily took 30% off the top of every sale that was made. I blame Google less than Apple, since Google at least gives users the choice of installing apps from third party app stores, and other sources, but still... I think it's high time the companies gave publishers a break by lowering their cut to, at most 10%.
    • I guess nobody told you ....

      ... but they use to take home LESS than 25% before the Apple app store gave them a better deal. In fact, the comic book industry was dying a slow death until the iPad somehow revive it. Sales of of the "action novels" were rapidly dropping to the point that Disney got Marvel at a relative bargain and DC comics was (and to some extent still is) in financial trouble.