Amazon Cloud Drive ups its game with file syncing

Amazon Cloud Drive ups its game with file syncing

Summary: Amazon Cloud Drive is more on a level playing field with the likes of Dropbox and Box now that it has what should be a standard feature: file syncing.


One would have assumed that Amazon, the Web Services cloud giant, would already have file syncing available for its personal cloud storage service, Cloud Drive.

Turns out that the digital lockers didn't have that capability until recently.

The Verge reported on Monday that the Seattle corporation has quietly rolled out the new feature to Cloud Drive users.

File syncing seems like it should be a fairly standard feature for any cloud-based storage and collaboration platform, and Amazon's version doesn't seem much different.

Basically, users can just drop a file into a specified folder. That file is then automatically uploaded and then synced with any other devices running Amazon Cloud Drive. This is already available from the likes of Dropbox, Box and Google Drive.

It's a tad surprising that it would take this long for Amazon to catch up to the playing field.

But perhaps with such a strong focus (and leadership) in the enterprise space, Amazon is now paying more attention to its consumer cloud offerings -- at least beyond what it has in the entertainment space with Prime.

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  • SkyDrive is the best.

    SkyDrive is deeply integrated across the Windows eco-system. It can even be mapped to the file explorer in PC.
    • file size restrictions

      No cloud storage discussion would be complete without bringing up the file size upload restrictions on each service!

      Google drive = 10gigs
      Skydrive = 2gigs
      Amazon Cloud = 2gigs = 2gigs
      dropbox = unlimited (assuming storage available)

      dropbox 4tw!