Amazon cuts price of Kindle Fire HD 8.9 $50 for students with Prime membership

Amazon cuts price of Kindle Fire HD 8.9 $50 for students with Prime membership

Summary: The first Kindle sale of the year drops the price of Amazon's largest tablet to $249 if you're a student and a Prime member.

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Amazon has been loathe to offer many specials on its Kindle tablets, save for the Fire HD 8.9". During the holiday season, the online retailer knocked $50 off its price for a single day, and now it's ushering in 2013 with a similar deal for a select group of customers.

For the entire month of January, the Kindle Fire HD 8.9" is $50 cheaper for students with a membership to Amazon Prime. (Students can get a discounted Prime membership -- normally $79 annually -- if they have an email account from an .edu domain.) Unfortunately for the rest of the populace, the Kindle with the largest screen remains at a starting price of $299.

These strategic price cuts to the Fire HD 8.9" suggest that its sales may be lagging compared to its 7-inch brethren's. Then again, the Kindle Fire's overall success is open to some debate. One analyst recently cut his Kindle Fire holiday sales estimates, though Web usage on the devices has recently increased in share as the iPad's suffered a small decline.

Are you able to take advantage of Amazon's student deal on the Kindle Fire HD 8.9"? If so, will you be buying one? Let us know in the Talkback section below.

Topics: Amazon, Tablets

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  • That's nice

    And I would be interested in one if they hadn't removed so much functionality from it. It would be interesting to see Amazon make a move with the fire line into education. Have a full function android tablet w/ keyboard dock, and throw in bulk pricing or a subscription cost for text books.
  • 249 $ for this??

    I`d better buy chinese tablet PC... 249$ is very expensive for this configuration.
    • $249 isn't expensive for that hardware

      The chinese no name garbage I've seen floating around in that size range costs a minimum of about $170, and that is with a no name single core 1.2 ghz processor. The Fire may not have all the usability of pure android, but it has a superior screen, a superior processor, superior sound, and a better company backing it up than any of those chinese tablets.
  • Kindle is good

    My first experience with kindle was when my friend gave my one to root it and to install android. At first I bricked the device, but than the next day I flashed it with new android.

    That is how my love with kindle started. It has amazing scren. And when you touch it - you feel the real quality! The first application I installed where Angry Birds.

    After kindle fire - I just can't use cheep deivces because of screen quality!

    Two weeks ago I have bought the new one!
    And I'm very happy my old applications works good in new device.
    Among them is:
    Game Anrgy Birds. Bookreader and ArkMC DLNA application to watch videos.
    Donkin Kimel
  • Support

    But with that discount for students, how is the support then? i'm just thinking, does the discount have an angle to it. So the students only get the kindle fire, but no support for it? Do they also get discount on warranty?
    I am helping people with tablets, and if i should recommend this, i then need all information i can get.