Amazon cuts up to $50 off price of Kindle Fire HD 8.9 tablet through February 8

Amazon cuts up to $50 off price of Kindle Fire HD 8.9 tablet through February 8

Summary: For the third time in three months, the online retailer reduces pricing on its biggest tablet, this time as part of a Valentine's Day promotion.

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Nothing says romance like a new Kindle Fire tablet -- or at least that's what Amazon is hoping you think. The company is running a promotion on its site that slashes the price of a Kindle Fire HD 8.9 by up to $50 through February 8 (or supplies last). Buyers need to use the discount code FIRELOVE while checking out to get the savings.

If you're looking for a basic 16GB Wi-Fi version, the discount is only $30, which means you'll pay $269. Other Wi-Fi-only Kindle Fire HD 8.9 tablets also get a $30 price trim, whereas the pricier LTE version gets the bigger $50 discount. As a result, the 32GB LTE model will now set you back $449. You'll need to add $15 to the price of any model in order to get it without special offers.

This is the third time in three months that Amazon has offered some type of deal on the Kindle Fire HD 8.9, which suggests that it may not be selling as well as other Kindle Fire models. Last month, the $50 discount was offered to students, while the retailer provided a one-day $50 price drop in December during the holiday shopping season.

If you don't believe that Amazon isn't seriously pushing its Kindle tablets as legitimate gift to your beloved for February 14, take a look at some copy from their press release: "Lovebirds: You two are devoted to each other, so it's time to give the gift that's got it all – the new Kindle Fire HD. Watch your favorite romantic comedies, stream adorable videos, play your favorite apps and more. If you're ever apart from your loved one, you can also Skype by using Kindle Fire HD's front-facing camera."

Is that enough to get you to buy one now?

Topics: Tablets, Amazon

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  • kindle

    All we got on the UK was £10 off the basic kindle for 1 day only.
    • Same here...

      in Germany.

      And to get the $50 off the 8.9" Kindle, Amazon would have to actually bring it to market, before they could offer a discount.
  • kindle discount

    Amazon is doing fine. You don't get it. They are offering the discounts with the coming release of the ipad mini with retina display.
    Les Vera
  • Nope. I bought the first iPad out of curiosity, ...

    ... I bought the first Kindle Fire because of the price, and I bought the first Surface RT despite the price. Guess which one finally fits the bill? You guessed it, the Surface RT.

    Why? Because it talks seamlessly to the rest of my Windows world!
    M Wagner