Amazon debuts revamped Kindle Fire HDX range, Fire OS 3.0 (pictures)

Amazon debuts revamped Kindle Fire HDX range, Fire OS 3.0 (pictures)

Summary: The Kindle Fire brand, launched two years ago, has grown to be one of the best-selling products across Amazon's vast empire. Now, the retail and cloud giant is ready to relaunch its refreshed tablet range.

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  • (Image: Amazon)

    Low-end tablet still packs a powerful punch 

    Amazon, arguably, is more interested in taking on the low-end and emerging mobile market than Apple is, based on the recent (and underwhelming, to some) introduction of the iPhone 5c.

    However, despite rumors that Amazon may be working on a smartphone of its own, Bezos remained mum, replying only that he doesn't like to speculate about "future road maps."

    Amazon is going toward the bottom even further with a "new" 7-inch Kindle Fire HD. Though it is a new device with familiar parts — the same processor and display technology as last year's high-end Kindle Fire — it's smaller in size and has less storage space, at just 8GB. Lacking a microphone, and therefore Amazon's new Mayday feature, it comes in at just $139.

  • (Image: Amazon)

    New tablets come with new Origami-style accessories

    Amazon is also releasing new accessories for the Kindle Fire, namely some Origami-style magnetic stands available in seven different shades for both form factors.

  • (Image: Amazon)

    Kindle Fire a "productivity machine"

    "It's a productivity machine — a true, full-featured tablet for multitasking and play," Amazon's Jonathan Oakes boasted. He added that Amazon has conducted "a lot of work" to top what is available in the native version of Android.

Topics: Tablets, Mobility

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