Amazon Fire smartphone: First look (pictures)

Amazon Fire smartphone: First look (pictures)

Summary: Amazon's Fire smartphone has an innovative user interface with a focus on the Prime consumer.


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  • Fire music library

    Image: Amazon

  • Fire phone interface

    Image: Amazon

  • Fire email carousel

    Image: Amazon

Topics: Mobility, Amazon, Android, Smartphones

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  • I hate to say it again but I will.

    The UIs whether desktop or mobile are FLAT AND BORING!! ALL OSes are starting to look alike.

    p.s. The race to the bottom continues. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!
    Arm A. Geddon
  • Meh, another one joins the crowd

    Its another smart phone with another ecosystem. Its like going through the motions as if something will stand out as better. Well, its not better or different. Just gimmicky and its from Amazon the home of the Drone delivery. Go figure.
  • Ethernetpedia App

    technologies going to upward in everywhere, business men want to grow more and make progress in their any field of business, technology introduced many updates time to time and who followed the technology updates they took the benefits among the field.
    Same as Ethernet world communication established a new world with engaging the users with in the wire and cables communications.
  • Windows Phone is the most elegant.

    Other platforms are last generation, especially android, full of malware and Google snooping software.
  • Good for competition

    Super that Amazon enters the phone field. It was becoming boring.
  • yet another commercial mish mash

    Phones these days are becoming the property of the company that builds/distributes them - rather than the person who forks out the cash to buy them.

    We need a completely independent phone manufacturer whose only interest is the hardware itself and where consumers have complete control of it and are able to install operating systems of choice and change them easily if they wish to.

    In my view pre-installed, and often unwanted, software (which cannot be easily removed) should be legally banned from all devices