Amazon Glacier backup for the rest of us: Zoolz

Amazon Glacier backup for the rest of us: Zoolz

Summary: Cloud backup is insurance: You hope you never have to use it, but if you do, it's priceless. Zoolz introduces a new service that is half the price of existing cloud backups. Here's what you need to know.

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Aggressive pricing from Zoolz: As little as $2/mo — with a five-year agreement — for unlimited storage for consumers, and $25/mo for a terabyte for businesses. That's 0.25¢/GB/mo. Cheap!

Everything is encrypted before it leaves your machine. There are ". . . 3 levels of encryption; 256-AES machine level encryption, transferred via secure sockets layer, and stored on encrypted 256-AES Server Side encryption."

Data availability
Everything is stored on Amazon servers and geographically dispersed. Yes, Amazon could go down for a while, but what's the chance of that happening at the same time you've had a disaster?

Block-level updates for large files — handy for databases and other large files. If you're backing up a large amount of data you can ship them a drive — more bandwidth than most WAN links.

Restores from cold storage — per Amazon Glacier spec — take 3-5 hours. Business users can opt for faster restore times.

Consumer vs business
Consumer is unlimited, but uses Amazon's slower-to-recover Glacier service. Business capacity is limited, but you can choose to have data available for fast restores.

You can also choose Hybrid+ storage, which copies every backed up file to a local drive. As long as you have that drive you can restore much faster than from a WAN link.

The Storage Bits take
The consumer option is a very good deal: Half the price of disk-based "all you can eat" options from Crashplan and Backblaze. But they offer faster restores.

The business option is also excellent: Unlimited servers and users with more options for tuning the storage.

I'd plan on using the Hybrid+ option: restores from local storage will always be preferable. But if disaster strikes, Zoolz is your insurance policy.

Comments welcome, as always. Have you tried Zoolz? Please tell us about your experience.


Topics: Storage, Cloud

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  • Like Zoolz a lot but one caveat

    We are usingZoolz for data archiving for our clients. Cheap and easy to manage. One caveat - you can ship data to them but they don't ship data back to you. You can only restore over the wire. No big deal for a file or a folder but a very big deal for hundreds of gigabytes (or more). This is on their roadmap for 2015, but for now it is a critical limitation to be aware of.
  • Doestn'

    "Hybrid+ storage, which copies every backed up file to a local drive. As long as you have that drive you can restore much faster than from a WAN link."

    If I have a local drive backup, why do I need something in the cloud?
    • What good's your local storage if... have a fire, flood or other localized disaster?

      I have three lots of local backups, either on other PC's or hard drives. One is a monthly that I keep in the fire safe. That said, I also have backups in the Cloud using both CrashPlan and SpiderOak.
      Lost In Clouds of Data


    As experienced , it does not have a sharing option (ZOOLZ HOME). Hope they do , they will make a bigger chane then google did with prices cut downs :)
  • cheap?

    0.25¢/GB/mo doesn't seem cheap compared to S3 $0.03/GB/mo or glacier $0.01/GB/mo...