Amazon leak reveals 'Netflix for books' subscription service

Amazon leak reveals 'Netflix for books' subscription service

Summary: A leaked Amazon site shows the online retail giant plans to launch Kindle Unlimited, a 'Netflix for books' subscription service with over 600,000 titles.

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If you're willing to pay $9.99 a month to access over 600,000 ebooks, Amazon's Kindle Unlimited subscription could be what you've been waiting for. 

The new service, dubbed a 'Netflix for books,' was leaked through the Amazon US website briefly, before being removed. However, you can still see the page through Google's Web cache, as noted by The Guardian. The webpage highlights popular titles including The Life of Pi, The Hunger Games and Harry Potter.

It is not known whether the service will be available across the pond, but at least for US subscribers, the service will cost $9.99 a month and give you access to over 600,000 ebooks as well as thousands of audiobooks.

In a promotional video discovered by GigaOM, the narrator says:

Kindle Unlimited gives you the freedom to explore over 600,000 titles and thousands of audiobooks in the palm of your hand. Enjoy unlimited reading and unlimited listening on any device for $9.99 a month.

Apparently, users can sign up for a 30-day trial, in the same way that consumers can try Amazon Prime.

The subscription service will expand on Amazon's Prime Lending Library, which allows users to loan one book a month from hundreds of thousands of titles in the US and United Kingdom. Titles include those from the New York Times Best Sellers list and the full Harry Potter series. The service is available on Amazon's Kindle e-readers as well as the Kindle App which can be used on Android and Apple smartphones and tablets.

Topic: Amazon

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  • Kindle Unlimited

    I don't know, I think $10 a month is a bit steep. With everything else in my life I might read 1 book a month. If they added an opt-in for Prime subscribers for say $5 a month extra I might sign up.
  • Yes! I am all over this! Kindle Unlimited.

    My wife reads 3-5 books a month, I read an additional 2 plus 1 or 2 audiobooks. This will be a huge value for us.
    ABV Brew Supply
  • Prime Lending Library on Kindle Devices Only

    Is it confirmed that Kindle Unlimited, unlike Prime Lending Library, will work with the apps, and not just on Kindle devices?
  • emusic model

    The name, the verbiage and the concept were all lifted from emusic, circa 2001, with their "emusic unlimited" subscription model.
  • Or use your public library

    I understand ease of use. It takes time to go to the library. I never get my materials read in the allotted check out time. Still, $9.99/month when your tax dollars may be paying for a public library where you can check out for free seems like $9.99/month I can spend somewhere else. Most public libraries also have ebooks available for check out - for free.
    • Public Libraries aren't just for reading material

      Public Libraries are multipurpose and serve the local communities. While all this material we can access digitally has it's place, positive human interaction is a necessary ingredient for a healthy community. Libraries still bring out our "better selves" and offer a venue for our youth to have a safe place to learn and socialize.

      Let's not forget about those who are not working. Libraries are critical for public access to increasingly online-only services.

      While folks can't bring themselves to donate $10 a month for a superior service (yes, you can check out digital material from the library, you can have books sent to the branch nearest you, you have access to books that are specific to the region), they readily throw down for Amazon for content only?
      Kathleen O'Connor
  • It will all come down to the titles

    The big question is how many quality books will be available. I'm concerned that a large portion of them will be like the video equivalent of "straight to DVD".
  • As an author

    with a number of books on Amazon, I have to wonder how much this is going to bite into my sales. If people can download and read one of my books through this service, then they won't have to buy it. I can see this leading to considerable loss of sales revenue. For me, not for Amazon.

    This is not the first time Amazon has shown a disregard for authors.

    Doc (
    • Would they have to pay a royalty?

      Would they be required to pay those authors a royalty on each? I believe netflix has cost for each title they carry. For my wife she says it is not worth it. As a novel reader between sharing purchased books and second hand book store she is spending less that this per month by far. If textbooks would be part of the titles I could see a student saving a bundle.
  • Part of Hachette issues?

    Amazon has to have the legal right to loan unlimited books. I wonder if this is part of the negotiations with publishers? If so it has the potential to screw the authors and publishers out of a massive amount of money.
    • It seems like

      It seems like it would work like a library. You can loan out the number of copies you own.
      Buster Friendly
  • Too much

    I read 2 or 3 books a month, depending on the size of the book of course. But I split those between books from Goodwill, ones I buy, ones I borrow, and ones on Kindle. Considering that many Kindle books cost $9.99 or less this doesn't look like that good of a deal. I also wonder if once you borrow/rent one how long you can keep it. Does it expire like some lending library ebooks?
  • some of us read with our ears

    So how about cloning this price model for Audible, Amazon?
    • It does

      Paul613 - it does...
      Kindle Unlimited gives you the freedom to explore over 600,000 titles and thousands of audiobooks in the palm of your hand. Enjoy unlimited reading and unlimited listening on any device for $9.99 a month.
  • Good for the serious reader

    That would be great for the serious reader but between the drinking and video games, I don't think it would be worth while for me.
    Buster Friendly