Amazon steals FAA's thunder with one-day Kindle deal

Amazon steals FAA's thunder with one-day Kindle deal

Summary: Because someone had to make a buck from this turn of events.


Much to the delight of casual and frequent flyers nationwide, the Federal Aviation Administration recently altered its stringent policies on mobile device use -- and now Amazon is making a play on that.

The Seattle-headquartered corporation has unveiled a special one-day discount on its Kindle e-reader and tablet brand as a "thank you" to the FAA.

Certainly, there are some consumers who will be saying thank you to Amazon given the rather notable 15 percent discount available well ahead of Black Friday.

The promotion even makes a tad of sense given that many flyers probably would have settled for even just having an e-reader available throughout the entire flight to pass the time on the runway.

Nevertheless, while the FAA is the entity that had the final word, Amazon executives tried to grab some of the credit, declaring in the announcement that the retail giant has been "fighting for our customers on this issue for years, and we are thrilled by the FAA’s recent decision—this is a big win for customers."

To recap, after months of debate (and years of frustration among travelers), the FAA announced last week that it would be lifting the ban on mobile device use during takeoff and landing. That's applicable to e-readers, tablets, smartphones, and more.

Naturally, there are some restrictions. For instance, flyers still can't make phone calls while in transit, with which is probably something that everyone can get onboard.

So Kindle-buyers, time is counting.

The basic Kindle starts at $59 while the Kindle Fire HD is going for $118. The brand new Kindle Fire HDX, which debuted in September, is going for $195.

Don't forget the promo code at checkout.

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  • Don't do it!

    The Damn thing reboots while reading a book in the kindle app.
    • Yes,

      Kindles are faulty and spontaneously reboot all the time while reading. The whole Kindle thing is just a big swindle by Amazon.
      • Never had that problem

        My wife, my daughter, and I all have our own Kindle Fires. It total they are used over 8 hours per day. None of us ever have this problem. I know lots of people around the office have them. None has ever reported this kind of problem. They all are rock solid.

        In the office we often talk about how well they work than some of our desk top and the file server. It has turned into an office joke that the IT people do not like.