Amazon ties Twitter, impulse buys together via #AmazonCart

Amazon ties Twitter, impulse buys together via #AmazonCart

Summary: Amazon is hoping that customers will connect their Twitter accounts and add products seen on the social media property to their shopping carts.


On Monday, Amazon launched a feature called #AmazonCart that melds social engagement, Tweets, and e-commerce.

Here's how it works:

  • An Amazon customer sees an artist, book, or any other product on Twitter.
  • That person, who will have connected her Twitter and Amazon accounts, replies to the product with #AmazonCart on Twitter and the goods are added to the customer's shopping cart for later.
  • Amazon will respond on Twitter and email to note the item has been successfully added to a cart.


The move is interesting because it aims to boost impulse buys via social media by directly putting an interest into your shopping cart.

For Amazon, the Twitter-shopping cart hookup is really about e-commerce velocity. On the analytics front, Amazon can better measure its products of the day and flash sales via Twitter.

Should Amazon be successful with this Twitter engagement effort, look for other e-commerce vendors to follow. The big question is how does Twitter monetize these connections in the future? There are persistent worries about Twitter's growth, ad potential, and engagement among its user base.

Topics: E-Commerce, Amazon, Social Enterprise

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  • Hardens my resolve!

    Am I the only one who reacts negatively to reports such as this?

    I am sure all this "social integration" is a marvellous dream come true for some but seems like a nightmare to many. At the moment it says if a twitter account has been linked unlike google who made links without user control.
    dumb blonde